Taco Bell Menu Changes.....what????

I’m not usually petty, shallow, or even notice minor changes in unimportant things, but this kind of pissed me off.

I’m a Taco Bell fan. I eat there about once a month, which is a lot compared to my nearly non-existent other fast food intake. Anyway, my wife and I went there today and we learn that as of last Thursday, they changed their menu.

  1. Baja Gorditas are no longer a menu item. Baja Chalupas, too, but we never order those. Baja Gorditas are pure crack and my and my wife’s favorite item.
  • Oh, they have been told that for 60 cents more, they will continue to make the Baja items. They will do this indefinitely and have been told to charge 60 cents above the standard Gordita/Chalupa price for it.
  1. The Beefy 5-layer burrito has been removed from the 99 cent menu. It’s $1.19 now.
  • They replaced it with that crunchy Frito-filled burrito. It’s OK, but not as good.

Anyone find any other changes? It kind of pisses me off and I am filing my frustration with the Taco Bell feedback line.

Oh, let’s keep any fast-food or Taco Bell hate out of here. Thanks!

Love the Frito filled one because it’s spicy

Awesome that it’s cheap now

Everything on the Taco Bell menu is the same five ingredients; just in varying amounts, colors and flavors. The genius of Taco Bell lies in their marketing strategy. “ALL NEW” shaped “CHALUPA


It won’t be long before they take a page from Taco Town

forget five ingredients, how about FIFTEEN great tastes all rolled into one…

It was already 99 cents here, as introductory thingy.

Near me, they tore down the Pizza Hut about 100 yards from the Taco Bell this summer and built a new TB on the site. Closed the old TB, which is sitting empty. No idea why.

Went there for the first time in a while and was somewhat confused by the changed menu and didn’t have a lot of time to think about it. Saw that tacos are up to $1.09 now.

Next week I’ll probably go back and have a harder look at the menu.

I’ve been ordering the “Beef Burrito” from Taco Bell for the last 25 years, despite the fact that they took it off the menu at least 15 years ago. I’ve never had any troubles with my ‘ex-menu’ selection…until he last month or so, when I had people at two different Taco Bells tell me they can’t sell me one.

I’ve considering ordering a “combo burrito, hold the beans”, but I don’t want to cause too much confusion behind the counter. Besides, we’ve recently discovered the wonder that is In-N-Out, so we haven’t made a Run for the Border in a while now.

(bolding mine)
:smiley: It’s never going off the menu. You just don’t know it’s sexy new name. Nobody wants a beef burrito :frowning: bor-ing. But a Carne Asada Mexicana Fesitirrito…Fuck yeah!! :smiley:

I can’t complain about the prices. I mean, I’m eating a whole meal of fresh, tasty ingredients for a couple of bucks!
(Which, being the cheap SOB I am, is what I mutter as I scarf down a chicken soft taco fresco-style smothered in verde sauce: “mmmm,buck nineteen,mmm,”)

I’m mad at Wendy’s. Previously you could buy their Double Deluxe Value Meal for 2.99. It included a Double Stack (with tomato to make it Deluxe), Med fry, Med drink. Then they removed the combo and increased the previously-priced double stack from .99 to $1.49. Then they increased it again to $1.69. A 70% increase in about 5 months. So now, if you want a Double Stack, Med fry, Med drink, what used to cost $2.99 is $4.90.


Wait . . . they brought the frito burrito back? I loved that thing when I was in highschool.

As with ALL the fast food places…I like the signature stuff…but not the way it is now.

Gimme a damn Big Mac with 2 quarter pounder patties and I’d be happy…what they have now isn’t very Big nor a Mac.
Should call that a Junior Mac…FOR KIDS. :mad:

I try to get a dam BEEF n CHEESE burrito at Taco Bell and all I get is a flimsy soft taco rolly thing…
I don’t want the dollar menu…I want the thing thats stuffed with meat n cheese for like 4 bux…WHERES THE DAM MEAT AND CHEESE! :mad:

I like Arbys but, $12 for a soda, some taters and a sandwich with more meat than bun…I can get a freaking steak dinner down the street.

Wendys small chile and small fry is standard for me…anything impressive cost $12.

Any chicken joint is off the market…Always $15 for ONE MEAL.:rolleyes:

Boston Market less than $10…but a real full meal.

Checkers has better value atm…1/2 lb. chicken poppers and a double checker burger for $5 n change.

Subway is $5…but not really the same value as it was…back when that thing was a meal in itself.

Writing the post out gave me munchies…so I goto Wendys.

Order 20 Nuggets, a Large Chile and a small root beer.

I get home I now have five nuggets a large fry and a large coke.

all for $6.50

I swear I hate that place… :mad:

(gave me honey mustard instead of Ranch also)

I’m fairly positive a Big Mac has never been made with 1/4 pound patties.

I’d pay extra for that…and call that a BIG MAC. :cool:

You’re right, but I think they did used to use larger patties than they do now. Seriously, “Where’s the Beef?” indeed.

I would absolutely order that if it was on the menu. Guess I’m an easy mark for marketing, at least when it comes to cheap and fast faux-Mexican food.

I tend to avoid Taco Bell a lot just because they seem to constantly change their menu, so if I go there wanting something I had last time that was good, guess what, they no longer have that.

I’ve even gone to their website to see the menu, but unfortunately, this is generally hit or miss (not just for Taco Bell) and half the time the online menu will be completely different from the actual store. If your online menu isn’t going to be accurate and up to date, DON’T HAVE ONE.

I’ve never seen any of their value meals for less than $4.50 so prices must vary quite a lot from one region to another.

They still have my favorite, the half-pound Cheesy potato burrito. I get it with a side of “red sauce” (like enchilada sauce). I do miss the green onions on the mexican pizza. They had some food poisoning issue with green onions a few years back, and Taco Bell just axed them for good.