Hey Taco Hell - WTF?!

Hadn’t been to Taco Bell in awhile, but I stopped in last week for a Burrito Supreme and a taco. Apparently they have changed their meat recipe, because what used to be finely chopped beef with a tasty blend of seasonings now seems to have been replaced by flavorless chunks of gristle with enough salt to clear all the roads in Chicago for an entire winter. Listen, Taco Bell - you are the biggest Mexican fast-food chain in the entire USA; what made you think people didn’t like your food? Were you asleep during the “New Coke” fiasco? Why, oh WHY do people have to change things when there’s nothing wrong with the way they were?


As a former Taco Bell lover, I am crushed.

They use beef!? :eek:

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen that Chihuahua around lately…

Hmm, I’ve had a taco bell addiction lately and I haven’t noticed any difference.

Those new crunchy cheese chalupas are tasty.

But not with beans and cheese.

Forget the beef part, I am still reeling over the “Mexican” Part! :wink:

classic, blowero, absolutely classic. :smiley:

chicked quesadillas are real good. i usually only get quesadillas and no tacos.

Has anyone ever ordered those cinammon sticks they have laying under the heat lamp?!?

I don’t think so. I guess that’s why they’re constantly offering to them along with my combo. If they have to ask so insistently, it’s probably not a good idea to accept…

I used to get those all the time. If you have a jones for Cheetos and sugar at the same time, these are a fair, if disghusting, solution.

But they were no match for the Choco Taco. Food of the Gods, I tells ya.

I only ever get soft tacos. They’re yummy. I slather them with three packs of hot sauce each. Luckily, the Bells near me are self serve with the sauce so I usually walk out of there with a good sized fistfull of hot and Fiesta sauce.

ohhh, Zantigo’s, where are you when we need you???

Taco Purgatory sucks.

The thing that annoys me about Taco Bell is the inconsistency. As with most fast food environments, I think it depends on the competence and level of interest of the person making the food. One time, the food is fine. The next, there is too much of one ingredient or too little of another. The solution? Higher pay for the workers. This will lead to a larger hiring pool, more motiviation for good workers and allow management the freedom to eliminate the unworthy, knowing that there are more people in the pipeline.

Whenever I go, I always get a mexican pizza and two of the double-decker tacos. I grab 8 of the fire sauce packets, four for the pizza and two for each taco. Every now and then I just have a jones for it, but sometimes I just need to kind of flush out my colon in a hurry.

Wow… I’ve never heard of someone refering to taco bell as mexican food before.

What i don’t understand is why they put that crap mayonaisse sauce on all of the quesadillas. There is no mayo in mexican food and yet someone there thought it was needed. Yech!

The meat-stuff in taco hell’s tacos comes in a bag. That bag is placed in hot water until it’s kind of warm. The bag is then opened and the contents go directly into the taco. Everything else in their food comes much the same way-- packaged as ready to serve as possible.

Source: My idiot loser of a brother who “cooked” “food” at a KFC/TacoHell combo store for 4 years.

What I don’t understand is why they put that crap mayonaisse sauce on all of the quesadillas. There is no mayo in mexican food and yet someone there thought it was a good idea. Yech!

And they changed their green sauce a few years ago. It used to be spicy and yummy and yet now has more of a sour taste and is damn near inedible. Another good thing at Taco Bell that was utterly ruined.

Mmmmmm meat-stuffed bag…

Actually, that sounds kind of gross. :slight_smile: