Taco Bell changing its value menu...for the better? I hope?

Taco Bell’s value menu is the best of all fast food, at least to my knowledge. You can spend $2 and get a good meal and $3 if you want to go nuts and really pig out. My kids can grab a Triple Nacho or Frito Burrito and be perfectly happy with that. My wife loves the Spicy Tostata and a Soft Taco(not $1 for some insane reason).

Sounds like nothing(?) is leaving the $1 price point, which is great since I rely on it when we have a busy night and I pick up my kids from school. Other value menus are diminishing, but I’ve been glad to rely on Taco Bell for having a robust value menu through it all.

Anyway, it’s changing and if I understand it, more items are being added for $1 and the main changes are how it is displayed on the screen?

Does that look right to you guys, too? I hope nothing leaves the menu.

It looks like it’s just a grouping thing. A couple of new items, but nothing going up in price or going away. Midnight stoners will still be able to get their munch on. So long as Taco Bell and Jack In The Box have 24hr drive-thrus, the republic will survive.

I have never been a fan of the Bell. But the lil’wrekker would live on it. She’s recently has had an issue with reflux and can’t eat is as often as she would like. She will be happy to know more items are going on the value meal list.

Are they going to bring back the Chilito? If not, I don’t care.

mmmmmm spicy jack quesadilla add tomatoes mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Not around here (dunno how prices vary around the country). I like Taco Bell, but I no longer think of them as a budget option at all. Two crunchy tacos–just a snack, at 340 calories total–costs $3.18. The last meal I ate there cost $16, sans drink. Ok, that was the only meal I ate that day, but still.

I’m a bit of a gourmand… and I agree!

I loved the Onion headline that was something like “Taco Bell Combines Same Four Ingredients in Entirely New Way!” That’s fine with me if they’re healthy, fresh ingredients. And being able to order a bean burrito or chicken quesadilla “Fresco Style” with pico de gallo makes for a great healthy-ish lunch for cheap.

And I feel much better than I would if I’d stopped for a fast food “burger”.

For me the weird thing was that when my gall bladder was trying to kill me Taco Bell was about the only stuff that wouldn’t trigger an attack. Worked better than the White Diet where I could only eat white stuff, like bread, macaroni, and bananas.

Most Taco Bells will make you one if you ask. They changed the name to Chili Cheese Burrito before it left the menu, so it probably helps if you call it that. I’ve ordered one from a dozen or so different TBs and I’ve never been denied the meaty goodness. It’s even back on the menu at a few places.

I love Taco Bell, it’s easily my favorite fast food restaurant among my local options.

I usually get the $5 box, the contents of which change periodically.

Taco Bell seems to give me the most calories per dollar.

You can sub out stuff in those boxes, too. Sometimes a small bonus charge, but you can make some small substitutions.

My wife and I split one sometimes. We might add on a $1 item too.

Oh man, I lived on the Enchirito in high school. I enjoy normal elimination too much to eat Taco Bell any more, though.

I wish they would bring back the “regular” tostada of old. The spicy one is okay, but I liked the original ones. I could probably ask they take off the spicy sauce but then they’d probably screw up the rest of my order.

I get occasional cravings for Taco Bell tacos. I know they’re not “real” tacos, but they just call my name now and then.

This is why I ditched their standard tacos. They sell the cheesy bean & rice burrito for $1. The Beefy Frito Burrito is $1. Potato Taco’s are $1. Triple Nachos are $1.

And more coming and more on there already.

My kids like that their freezes(like a slurpee) are $1 between 2-4. They buy one sometimes for themselves(I get sips!). :smiley:

I suppose I should look at their other offerings. But I grew up on $5 crunchy taco 10-packs. Clearly, those days are long gone. It feels like they’ve exceeded inflation by a decent margin, though I haven’t really done the math to be sure.

Around 1990 would be when a $0.50 taco would be a $1 taco today.

I know they had $0.59 tacos until at least the mid-90s, or $0.50 in a 10-pack (or even $0.45 on occasion), and today they’re $1.59. So yeah, that’s beaten inflation by quite a margin.

A couple times a week I’ll pick up Taco Bell food for my son.

I love the kiosk machine in the Taco Bell I go to. It’s very easy to use, and I haven’t received an incorrect order thus far.

Is this a drive-through thing? My local McDonalds all have kiosk/touch-screen ordering inside, but none of my fast foods offer it outside(except Sonic I think).

I only go drive-through for Taco Bell, or at least 99% of the time.