Boston MBTA Superheroes

The Watchmen they ain’t.

A group of garishly-costumed activists, calling themselves the Fast Five, took over an MBTA (Boston Transit Authority) meeting yesterday. The MBTA connittee adjourned, saying they couldn’t get any work done.

The group is advocating affordable public transit. The MBTA is considering another fare hike.

Can’t say I care much for their names. Snow Removbal Man sounds even more boring than Matter Eater Lad or Bouncing Boy. But the point is to draw public attention, not make for plausible backstories or exciting powers.

The Kingston Trio were precient.

the Boston Herald chimes in with the headline Super Jerks Protest

As your lnk observes, thety didn’t write the song, and weren’t the original singers. I find it hilarious that the Boston Transit Cards and Tiockets are caled “CharleyCards” and “CharleyTickets”, and are named after someone who, according to the song couldn’t get out of the Subway System!. It’s like being in the Waiting Room for Dr. Godot – who’d want to do it? But at least people remembrer the name.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Something is fishy. MBCR Rockstar looks like two different people in those pictures.