Boston - Private Parties at Restaurants/Bars?

Has anyone here ever been to a private party at a restaurant, bar or club in Boston/Cambridge MA?

I’m trying to plan a party for about 75 people and need to find a venue.

My requirements: they have to either have an exceptional beer list or brew their own beer.

If you’ve been to one, where was it, what was it like? Was it a big party - over 100 people?
What did you like/dislike about the place?



Hi Motorgirl. I’ve been to a few, but I’m not sure if they meet your beer requirements.

My wedding was at the Hampshire House (upstairs from Cheers). We had 50 people, but they have rooms that handle more. It was absolutely lovely. Fantastic food, great view, beautiful room, friendly waitstaff. Very traditional atmosphere, a little stuffy but all newly redone.

I went to a private party upstairs at the Armani Cafe on Newbury St. As chic as you would expect, decent food. A little too Eurotrashy for my taste.

Jillian’s does private pool parties if you’re looking for an activity. They’ll organize a tournament if you want. Typical pub food, typical beer list.

There is a room upstairs at the Museum of Science. The party I went to there was great! The view is awesome, and you get to browse whatever the traveling exhibit is at the time. When I went it was DaVinci. I’m sure the beer list is mediocre.

I went to a party once at Les Zygomats in the leather district. It was really cool. They have a very extensive wine list, but I’m not sure about the beer.

I know that John Harvard’s in Framingham does private parties. I went to a beer tasting party there. They also do tours of the brew rooms. I don’t know if the one in Cambridge does the same thing, but it is worth a shot. Great beer!

Good luck!

Bumping thread just to keep it active over the weekend.

Thanks, Morgainelf, for the rundown, it gives me some ideas.

In my mind I keep picturing the Harvard Sq John Harvard’s, but I know their private room is too small, and renting the whole thing will be too big, tho I haven’t yet talked to them.

Try Jeveli’s in East Boston Link By the way, they have the absolute best calamari I’ve ever had.


Guadalaharry’s (Mexican) at Quincy Market, I don’t a link but here’s the phone number 617-720-1190.

Ooooo, I so miss Boston.

I went to an amazing wedding at the New England Aquarium. I kid you not.

If you want to travel a bit, a clambake catered by Woodman’s in Essex is fun. The Ipswich Brewery is nearby, and I’m sure they could accomodate you.

You’re looking for a bar- party, not a reception hall, right?
You’ll have to check the pricing/availability on your own. Some Boston bars that make good places for a private party would include:
Tia’s on the Waterfront - I was there for a friends birthday. Decent size. Right on the water.

Vox Populi - Boylston St. Good martini bar. Kind of smallish but should fit 100 people.

McCarthy’s - Kind of an upscale “frat bar” but still pretty cool.

Boston Beer Works - Near Fenway