Boston Red Sox and Sweet Caroline

Is there any information on how Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” became an anthem for Boston Red Sox fans?

My own theory is that the phenomenon might have been influenced by the 1996 ensemble comedy-drama “Beautiful Girls,” which featured an emotionally climactic scene that features the main characters belting out the song together in a bar. This scene was prominently featured in the trailers advertising the movie.
Any thoughts?

Here’s what the Boston Globe has to say:

It’s sooooooooooo cheesy but man, when you’re there? It feels so good. (so good. so good.)

Yup, that is the generally accepted history, from the people who were there.

I think the Caroline Kennedy*/Massachusetts connection might have something to do with it as well.
*Caroline Kennedy was the inspiration for the song.
ETA: Upon further review it seems Neil Diamond has revoked his earlier statement of Miss Kennedy being the inspiration. Despite that, she is still associated with the song.

Whatever the reason, playing Neil Diamond at a ballpark is a major turnoff.

Bring back Rock N’ Roll, Part II.

Maybe Neil will do something really sleazy so that they have to stop playing “Sweet Caroline”.

No don’t. This man will be paid royalties every time it’s played.

Whoops, I missed that bit.:smack:

I’m glad to hear that, as it would have been kinda creepy, given that she was all of eleven when the song was written.

Maybe she was also the inspiration for “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon”

And then, after the trial, Solitary Man.

Diamond quite clearly doesn’t really remember whether she was the inspiration or not. In 2007 - this is four decades after he wrote it - he said it was. Later he said it wasn’t. Later he said it kind of was but kind of wasn’t. He’s old, and his memory at this point is probably a little foggy.

Screw that, bring back “Tessie”.