What's that song they play at Fenway Park after a Red Sox homerun ?

What’s the name of that song that they play at Fenway Park after a Red Sox homerun?

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Not sure which one you mean, but immediately after the final out it’s the Standells’ “Dirty Water” (Oh, Boston, you’re my home!). Immediately after that, and before the game, it’s local barroom legends the Dropkick Murphys with their own update of “Tessie”, the theme song of the early-20th-century Sox. After the eighth it’s Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” and its own singalong chorus - hey, that makes as much sense as “Cotton-Eyed Joe” in New York. At random times they’ll slip in “Brass Bonanza”, the wordless intro tune of the now-deceased Hartford Whalers hockey team, as a gesture to their Connecticut fans.