Help me fill my Baseball Trip CD: New York/New England

My buddy and I are once again getting ready to embark on our annual Baseball Trip, and tradition demands that I fill a CD with appropriatly-themed music for the driving days.

I’m looking mostly for geographic references – songs about, or bands from, the cities and areas we’ll be visiting. I also like to fill it out with general on-the-road type tunes and songs about baseball (though there may not be a whole lot of those I haven’t used yet over the years!).

Here are the stops:
New York, NY
Lowell, MA
Manchester, NH
Pawtuket, RI
New Britain, CT
Bridgeport, CT

I could easily fill multiple discs with New York songs, but I’ll take ideas anyway. It’s the rest of the trip that needs padding… not a whole lot of New Hampshire music I can think of. I’m willing to consider any genre, not crazy about hip-hop or rap though.

Whaddaya got?

Meet the Mets, of course.

Jackson Brown’s “Nothing But Time” is about “Rolling down 295 out of Portland, Maine.”

Geographically you’re in the same neck of the woods.
Hell, play the whole album while you’re at it.

Jonathan Richman’s “The Fenway”. Possibly “Walter johnson” as well.

There are no songs about Pawtucket. It’s used in some limericks though. Enjoy the stinkin’ Pawsox. Don’t drink the water in Pawtucket.

Dirty Water by the Standells is a must have, as is New York, New York by Frank Sinatra for the baseball fans.

Mass Ave by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.

Granite State of Mind -

Not even from a bucket?

I’m a bit torn here; I’d like to save this one for when we actually get back to Boston for a game, but I have no idea when that will be. (We’ve been to Fenway, but it was before I started with the annual CD/playlists…)

This is already a gimme. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely check out those suggestions I’m not yet familiar with. Keep 'em coming!

“Sweet Baby James” - James Taylor
“Boston” - Boston
“Shipping up to Boston” - Drop Kick Murphies
“Tessie” - Drop Kick Murphies
“Sweet Caroline” - Neal Diamond

“No Sleep Til Brooklyn” - The Beastie Boys

Actually it’s so closely monitored now it’s the safest water to drink. Definitely don’t drink any water in E. Prov though.

Peace Frog - The Doors
Bartender - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
They Came to Boston - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Theme to Cheers

Massachusetts - Bee Gees

Buy the '67 Red Sox Impossible Dream CD and play the whole thing while you’re driving through RI, MA and NH.

It was the season that revived baseball in Boston. You won’t be sorry, it’s awesome.

“Tessie” by Dropkick Murphys. The original version of “Tessie” was a rallying cry for the Red Sox (then called the Americans) in the 1903 World Series.

Gogol Bordello,Avenue B. (The actual Russian bathhouse in question is on 10th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave, if you’re inclined to visit. :D)

More generally, Gogol Bordello is good for the recent immigrant experience in New York–see e.g., Immigrant Punk.