Help me with my Road Trip CD!

In a couple weeks, by best buddy and I are hitting the road for our 21st annual Baseball Trip, in which we travel from town to town seeing Minor and Major League baseball games.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been making mix CD’s tailored to each trip (now an iPod playlist, actually, but I still like burning the actual CD as well, as a tangible souvenir).

The selections can be geographically specific – songs about the places we’re going or by artists from the area – or general road-trippy tunes about driving, travelling, baseball, drinking, and so forth. I also like to slip in little drop-ins from movies and TV shows (Homer Simpson saying “Mmmm…Beer!” for example).
This year, my creative juices are not flowing too freely, and my playlist so far is looking mighty thin.

So I’m turning to the Dopers for your brilliant suggestions.

This year’s stops will be:
Indianapolis, IN
Columbus, OH
Charleston, WV
Washington, DC
Atlantic City, NJ
Lancaster, PA
Hagerstown, MD
Bristol, VA
and Bowling Green, KY

Whattaya got? (and THANKS!!)

Work “Friend Of The Devil” in there somewhere.

If you’re coming to Columbus, you need Hang On, Sloopy.

Lancaster PA - something about Intercourse needs to be on there. But I got no specifics.

We recently had a “music for driving” thread that you might find useful.

There’s a band from Columbus called Earwig that has several good songs, my favorite being Used Kids, named after Used Kids Records on High Street. I can only find a poor quality live version on youtube, but you might be able to find a better version somewhere else.
You could add Cleveland Rocks by They Might be Giants. It’s not Colmbus, but at least it’s the same state.

Did TMBG do a cover of that? The one used on The Drew Carey Show was by The Presidents of the United States of America, and that wasn’t the original, either.

If you haven’t already used A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request, get it. I don’t see Chicago on your itinerary, but it’s a great baseball song. And you’ll shed a tear when you hear the story behind it.

Oh yeah, that’s who I meant.