Boston to close Zoos! Some animals may be Euthanized!


First the Boston Globe is hanging by a thread (if it goes, we’ll be stuck with the awful Boston Herald as our only newspaper), and now this!
About 20 years ago they tried to cut costs by closed the Stone Zoo, and the people rallied behind it, raising funds and keeping it going, eventually building it back up, until now the Stone Zoo is a pretty decent zoo, with a brand new Bear habitat and a brand-new gibbon house, in addition to all the other features, and it has been re-integrated with the Franklin Park Zoo into the Boston Zoo system.

The Franklin Park Zoo, too, has come a huge way since I was able to walk all the way through it without eeing a single animal (back in the 1970s), with the Tropical World habitat addede about 20 years ago, and many other things since.
Now it’s all going to go away, if this budget holds. It’s not just an added luxury – I think the Franklin Park Zoo is a big reason people go down to what would otherwise be a pretty dead area. It keeps interest up, monet coming in, and crime down. And closing it would be a bad sign – if Boston has to close its zoo, what else will it lose? How bad is it off financially?

I think that’s the Boston Art Gallery.

I lived in Cambridge for 2 years and near Boston all my life and wasn’t really aware that there were zoos there. Huh. Always just went to the MoS I guess.

And Pepper Mill and MillCal had just visited the Stone Zoo on the day they made the announcement.

This is really the pits.

I’m not saying that zoos are more important that police, fire, and education services. But I’m going to look at every questionable expenditure from now on and thin “For this you closed the zoo?”

What kind of message does this send about Boston’s supposed World-Class status?

Contrast that with this. They could build one less plane, fund the zoo, and have $344 million left over. I know, I know, not really a fair comparison.

I haven’t been to the Franklin Park zoo in a few years, but it would be a real shame if they closed it. And aren’t the union electricians and construction workers still getting $200,000+ salaries from the state?

The Zoo has issued official statements: