Zoo Day

What a beautiful day for a trip to the zoo!
All the animals were so frisky and playful today. The Memphis Zoo and Aquarium has really improved in the past few years, so many large exhibits. It’s come a long way since I was a kid and most of the animals were pacing in small cages.

Best part was watching the looks on my toddler’s face, especially while the siamangs were flying from post to post, play-fighting and making that hideous honking sound only a siamang can make. Isabella was dancing around trying to imitate them and I had to fight her to pull her away. I wish we’d thought to get pictures of that, but I wasn’t in charge of the camera today. My other daughter was the photographer and I think she did a really great job.

My only disappointment was that the new panda exhibit was closed for some unknown reason. But that’ll just give us something new to see next time.

Okay, nobody posted to this thread, so I get to hijack it with an entirely irrelevant question: have you visited Boston in the past six months? I remember your picture from one of the picture threads, and saw a person more or less exactly corresponding (complete with toddler!) a few months ago about a block from my office.

Whoo hoo! Finally someone responded.
But no, no trip to Boston. Never been there.

Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo…

Nice pics, was at the Memphis zoo many years ago.

The only thing I remember was liking the aquarium. It wasn’t much but what they had was well done.

Also when I left, there was a big traffic jam because someone was on one of the bridges threatening to jump.