Boston vs. St. Louis in sports championships

Basketball–1956–Boston Celtics over St. Louis Hawks
Hockey–1970–Boston Bruins over St. Louis Blues (first championship in 29 years)
Football–2002–New England Patriots over St. Louis Panthers in Superbowl XXXVI
2004–Boston Red Sox over St. Louis Cardinals (first championship in 86 years)

How weird is that?

St. Louis Rams. Carolina Panthers were this past year.

You overlooked the 1946 World Series, the 1967 World Series and the 1957 NBA finals, where St. Louis beat Boston.

When the Panthers beat the Patriots and the Blues beat the Bruins, you can start a new thread.

Ms. X-mas? It’s the St. Louis Rams. And for starting a new thread, you titled the thread Boston vs St. Louis in sports championships, not Boston beats St. Louis in sports championships, so I can se why kunilou chimed in with Boston’s defeats.

And for the record, the day the Blues beat anybody for the Stanley Cup, this town will be as happy as Boston was last night. (Ok, maybe not that happy, but pretty darn happy.)

What should I call it - “Carolina vs. New England vs. St. Louis vs. Boston in sports championships”?

Just a few minutes ago I congratulated the Red Sox on their success

So I really don’t think there’s any call to be snippy about it.

How would that apply to St Louis? :confused:

Pardon the hijack but I’d hate to think that the Stanley Cup’s final resting place will be Tampa Bay. Settle the strike/lockout/labor unpleasantness already.

Ain’t gonna happen this year. Hope you like football and basketball. That’s all you’re getting till April. Of course I get to still follow college hockey’s greatest team. North Dakota Fighting Sioux, baby. From a luxury box. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, I’d love to see the NHL break down to a minor league format again. I could easily switch loyalty from my beloved Pengies to Wilkes-Barre. Hell, Mario owns them both, anyway. (I think)

Nothing to do with the OP, sorry** Annie**, just had to get that out of my system. Oh, and don’t get too obnoxious about the win. Many of us were cheering for the Sox because we didn’t want to hear trash-talk from YankeeFan. Don’t fall into that trap, please!