Botticelli, April 2014

…and I am K!

IQ1 : Is your name used for something based on the lowest of the low?
IQ2 : Did you write about someone turning into a cockroach?
IQ3 : Did you play Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire?

I am not Kelvin nor Franz Kafka. Take a DQ for the third.

Correct on Kelvin and Kafka. Number 3 was Kiera Knightley

DQ: Are you real?


  1. Real.

IQ1: Did you open a brewery in Nova Scotia in 1820?
IQ2: Are you the one whom “they” are always killing? Those bastards!
IQ3: Did you create the characters Stu Redman, Jud Crandall, and Jack Torrance?


Did you serve on the Farragut early in your career?
Did you sing at a big movie premiere, but not appear in the movie itself?
Did a lady not believe you when you told her she hadn’t reached the animal hospital?

IQ: Did Wayne Campbell tortuously quote you in an attempt to woo Cassandra?

Take a DQ for #1. I’m not Kenny. I’m not Stephen King.

#1 I’m not JFK (?)
Take 2 DQ’s for the others, and a 3rd if #1 isn’t JFK.

I know it’s from Wayne’s World, but since I don’t recall, I’m guessing Keats. I’m not Keats. Take a DQ if you aren’t guessing Keats.

Correct on Kenny and Stephen King. The brewer was Alexander Keith, whose products are still sold today.

DQ: American?

Going for Kierkegaard.

DQ: Living?

IQ1: Are you a celebrity who made a number of commercials for Jenny Craig?
IQ2: Did you play a deputy sheriff who was only allowed one bullet for his gun?
IQ3: Did you play Tom Hanks’ love interest in the film “Bachelor Party”?


  1. Real
  2. American
  3. Living

I am not Kirstie Alley.
I am not Don Knotts.
That may be Hanks’s worst film, and it’s been too long, so take a DQ for #3.

Correct on Kirstie Alley and Don Knotts. In “Bachelor Party,” Tom Hanks fiancee was played by Tawny Kitaen.

DQ: Last name start with K?


  1. Real
  2. American
  3. Living
  4. Last name starts with K

IQ: Are you an Alaskan singer who lived out of your car to avoid creditors?

Take a DQ.