Botticelli: Early December 2012

Your letter is:


IQ: Did you investigate Iran Contra, and later fail to becom SoD?

Guessing at John Tower. If I’m wrong, take a DQ.


Are you a member of Phish?
Were you the Rock of Chickamauga?
Did your famous son miss your funeral, even though he could relatively easily have attended?

I’m not Trey Anastasio of Phish. DQs for the other two.

I was indeed thinking Tower.

Yup, Trey.
Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas, a nickname he won during the Civil War.
Thomas Lincoln, who didn’t get along too well with his son Abraham.


First name start with T?


Are you a noteworthy comic actress who shares a birthday with me?
When you were a kid, did your mom insist you visit a disliked and stinky relative in the (ultimately futile) hope of getting an inheritance?
Do you have two tiny but powerful friends and a mean babysitter?

IQ: Are you boring your kids to death telling them how you met their mother?

IQ1: Are you the Honey Badger?
IQ2: Were you the Sergeant at Arms for the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club under Clay Morrow?
IQ3: Were you an Olympic gold medalist and undisputed champion at your sport before your life fell apart?

  1. First name does not start with T.
  2. Male.

I have no idea when your birthday is, but I’ll take a shot in the dark. Lily Tomlin?

The stinky relative and mean babysitter questions sound so familiar, but I cannot pin them down. Two DQs for you (or three, if Tomlin is wrong).

I’ve never watched that show. DQ for you.

No idea on any. Three DQs.

Yes, Lily Tomlin. Well done!
This was Tony Blair, whose great aunt was financially well-off but had a poor sense of personal hygiene. They didn’t get a pence from her.
Timmy Turner, the young hero of The Fairly OddParents.




Did you appear in a movie that included footage of you from decades before?
Did you and your wife visit President Lincoln in the White House only once?
Were you played recently in a movie by an actor with an incorrect accent?

The character’s name is Ted Moseby

DQ: Living?

LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, Tig Trager, and Mike Tyson.

I’ll wait until you answer the DQs from EH and ETV before I ask my own.

Tyson was never in Olympics!

I am real.
I am a naturalized American.

I am alive.

Summary for T:

  1. First name does not start with T.
  2. Male.
  3. Real.
  4. Naturalized American.
  5. Alive.

I’ll likely kick myself when you tell me the movie, since I recall seeing one that included footage of the actor from years before. But I just can’t think of it.

Nor can I think of a recent movie where an actor had an incorrect accent. (I can think of a few, but I don’t think you’re referring to American Kevin Costner as Englishman Robin Hood, for example.)

On the second IQ, the best I can offer as a guess is “Mr. Todd,” Lincoln’s father-in-law, and Mary Todd Lincoln’s father. I have no idea what the gentleman’s first name is, though.

Two DQs at least; three if “Mr. Todd” is incorrect.

You earned the first two of those DQs, as I’ve never heard of the first two at all. But Mike Tyson! :smack: Well, you earned that one too; I’ll just kick myself a bit.

IQ: Are you an Italian immigrant who was involved in electricity discoveries?

Terrance Stamp, in The Limey. Excerpted footage from a Sixties crime thriller was used to show his character as young man.
Gen. and Mts. Tom Thumb, the celebrated little persons, at the behest of P.T. Barnum. (The First Lady’s parents were both deceased by the time the Lincolns moved into the White House, I believe).
Pennsylvanian Thaddeus Stevens, played by Texan Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln.


Born since 1950?
Best known for the creative arts?


Did you, in a comedy movie, marvel at Americans’ obsession with breasts?
A real person, was your name mentioned in a song in Grease?
Did your dad like to go around the house with no shoes on to “let [his] feet breathe”?

Don’t kick yourself too hard - as etv pointed out, I got the question wrong. I could have sworn Tyson won the gold in 1984, but he didn’t. :smack: indeed.

I’ll stick with 2 DQs, but I’ll (again) wait until you’ve answered the outstanding ones. It ain’t easy keeping up with EH. :smiley: