New Boticelli

Your letter is M

IQ1. Did you join the Young Guns in 1992?

IQ2. Did you go from bailbondsperson to a Public Defender?

IQ3. Did you author a controversial ruling that ruled against yourself?

1 and 2 need DQ, but I’m not John Marshall.

IQ1 Are you the leader of the club that’s made for you and me?
IQ2 Are you a friend of star crossed / ill fated lovers?
IQ3 Are you a wild and crazy guy?

  1. Greg Maddux, who signed as a free agent for the Atlanta Braves in 1992, joining the ‘Young Guns’ rotation of Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Steve Avery, and Pete Smith.

  2. Markie Post - who played the bail bondswoman on The Fall Guy before moving on to Night Court.

DQ 1. Are you a real person?
DQ 2. Does your last name start with ‘M’?

1:I’m not Mickey Mouse
2: DQ for you (know it’s “Romeo & Juliet” reference)
3:I’m not Steve Martin

Wargamer:I’m a real person, but my last name doesn’t start with M

IQ1: Are you an advertising icon who debuted in the 1973 film The Long Goodbye?
IQ2: Did you play an incredibly stereotyped character of a different race in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
IQ3: Did you and your family add a gospel touch to songs by Marty Stuart, Talking Heads, and The Band?

1:No earthly idea who that is, DQ for you
2:I’m not Mickey Rooney
3:Another DQ

Those were Morris the Cat and Mavis Staples.

DQ1: Are you male?
DQ2: Are you alive today?

I’m a living non-male.

IQ1: Were you a British Prime Minister?
IQ2: Are you the actress who portrayed a British Prime Minister.
IQ3: Were you an American Secretary of State?

IQ1: Does your most famous ‘set’ demonstrate the border between mathematics and aesthetics?

IQ2: Are you one of the world’s most famous left handed bass players?

IQ3: Are you a novelist whose work is much more famous than your husband’s poetry?

1)I’m not Maggie Thatcher
2)I’m not Meryl Streep
3)I’m not Madeline Albright

Le Minstre: 3 DQs!

IQ1. Are you so busy working you don’t have time for Ashton Kutcher?

IQ2. Were you once married to Ashton Kutcher?

IQ3. Were you America’s Sweetheart back in 1984 after the L.A. Olympics?

2: Mercutio
DQ: Are you alive today?

IQ1: Were you a Queen in a Jailhouse?
IQ2: Were you in two bird named shows?
IQ3: Do people hang out without you?

IQ1: Did you, to your friend’s great surprise, enjoy a cereal that was supposed to be good for you?

IQ2: Did you create the game show, “Jeopardy”?

IQ3: Are you Dick Dastardly’s sidekick?

  1. Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot wrote ‘The Fractal Geometry of Nature’. The graphic representation of the Mandelbrot set, which is a two-dimensional figure of infinite depth and variability, was an astonishing example of the beauty of pure mathematics.

  2. Paul McCartney, the sinister bassist for The Beatles.

  3. A reference to Mary Shelley, whose novel ‘Frankenstein’ contributed a household word to the English language. Her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, never quite achieved the same level of fame.
    So, then -

DQ1 - Were you born before 1980?

DQ2 - Are you best known for your accomplishments in The Arts, being here defined so as to include all visual arts, theatre, dance, music, literature or other creative endeavours, whether done for the entertainment of others or for the sake of the creative act itself?

DQ3 - Are you American?

  1. Real person
  2. Last name does not begin with ‘M’
  3. Not male
  4. Alive today (asked twice)

I’m not Demi Moore or Mary Lou Retton

I’m living, but 3 DQs (you’re tough)


I wasn’t alive b4 1980
I, like Bruce Springesteen, was “Born in the USA”
I’m not in the arts


1: I’m not Mikey
2: I’m not Merv Griffin
3: Need a DQ

The first IQ is Mila Kunis - Kutcher’s That 70’s Show co-star who has recently been rumored to be dating Kutcher, but not seriously as her career is keeping her busy.

DQ - Are you noted for your fame as an athlete?

IQ1 - Did your Dad famously get you a dog in the last month of two of 2008?

IQ2 - Is it possible your Austrian husband Wihl Be Bahk?

IQ3 - Did you win seiben in Munchen?