Botticelli - Feb. 2016

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  1. Were you the first African-American Supreme Court Justice?
  2. Did you write The Magnificent Ambersons?
  3. Did you write The Father Christmas Letters?

Not Thurgood Marshall, Booth Tarkington (sp?) or J.R.R. Tolkien.

Correct on all 3.


  1. Were you a dirty old man portrayed on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In by Arte Johnson?
  2. Did you marry Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show?
  3. Are you a living American fine art glass artisan whose work appears in numerous U.S. museums?

IQ1: Did you lead a slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia on August 21, 1831?
IQ2: Did you guide slaves to freedom and become the first woman to lead an armed expedition during the Civil War?
IQ3: Did you deliver a speech during the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention in 1851, which later became known in the Civil War as titled “Ain’t I a woman”?

IQ1: Were you one of a pair of fictional detectives who started out as blackmailers?
IQ2: Were you the other one of that pair?
IQ3: Do you and your friend Honey plan to become detectives after you finish high school?

Dunno, not Tiny Tim and dunno.

Not Nat Turner or Sojourner Truth; dunno the third.

Dunno any of those three.

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, and Trixie Belden.
DQ1: Real?
DQ2: Male?
One DQ reserved.

#1 was Tyrone F. Horneigh (“Wanna buy a Walnetto?”)
Correct on #2.
#3 is Toots Zynsky.

DQ: Last name starts with T?

1 DQ reserved.

Sojourner Truth is actually #3. Harriet Tubman is #2.

holding a DQ

IQ1: Were you appointed to the Supreme Court by George Bush (the elder) in 1991 amid controversy?
IQ2: Are you the first Democrat and the first African American to chair the Homeland Security Committee in the House?
IQ3: Are you an American poet and novelist and an important figure of the Harlem Renaissance and modernism?

Has anyone else heard of Tyrone or Toots?

Not Clarence Thomas, dunno and dunno.


  1. fictional
  2. male

Bennie Thompson, Jean Toomer

DQ: From literature?

holding 2 DQs

Tyrone Horneigh was the old man who would go up to Ruth Buzzi while she was sitting at the bus stop - she always ended up beating him with her purse. The last name is obviously “Horny,” but to get it past the censors Johnson insisted it was pronounced “Horn-eye.”

Don’t know Toots.

[quote=“Elendil_s_Heir, post:12, topic:744859”]

Has anyone else heard of Tyrone or Toots?
Look, I can see the Person In Question having to be famous enough to be known by another player, but for the IQs? That seems overboard to me.

That’s how we’ve done it before. If it’s so obscure that no one else knows it except the asker, the GM can’t be expected to know it either. Same rule for IQs and DQs, if challenged.

Since SCAdian knew Tyrone…


  1. fictional
  2. male
  3. last name starts with T
  4. not from literature


  1. Did you write The Wonderful O?
  2. Were you a German trickster in folklore who had many “merry adventures”?
  3. Were you burned to death for translating the Bible?

DQ: From film?

holding 1 DQ

IQ1: Were you creator and host of the long-running reality TV series America’s Next Top Model?
IQ2: Were you a rapper killed in a 1996 drive-by shooting?
IQ3: Are you a dancer/singer/actress whose real name is Anne Rae Bullock?

Dunno the first two; not… Thomas Wickliffe?

Not Tyra Banks or Tupac Shakur. Dunno the third.


  1. fictional
  2. male
  3. last name starts with T
  4. not from literature
  5. from film