Botticelli Game #27


Ask your questions

Are you America’s oldest teenager?

Not Dick Clark (who probably hasn’t been told how young he looks lately!)

Are you the King of the Wild Frontier?

Are you an All Black?

Are you a Federal agent who enjoys a damn fine cuppa joe?

Are you the famous father of a famous lesbian’s child?

Good one!

Are you the Doper who posted post #5?


Are you uncertain whether you are the hero of your own life?

Do you wish me love, peace and soul?

Did you disappear with $200,000?

No, I didn’t kill me a b’ar when I was only 3 (Davy Crockett)

Aaaargh! More foreign footie/rugby players!

Ask A DQ
In fact, let’s make it simple. From now on, don’t even ask questions. Just say “Soccer/Rugby” and follow it with a DQ

Not Dale Cooper

Not David Crosby (God, LOOK at him- why would ANYONE want their kids to look like that???)

When her kids get big, they’re going to ask, "Brad Pitt is your friend- why couldn’t you have asked HIM to donate???)

Not Dead Cat

Not David Copperfield (great opening passage!)

Not DB Cooper

Zipper- ask a DQ. I don’t know who wishes us love, peace and soul

Is there a concert hall in Los Angeles named for you?

Were you a number one pick in the NBA draft?

Not Dorothy Chandler