Botticelli Game #35


Good luck

Are you a Pulitzer-winning composer?

No, and I don’t know who is. Ask a DQ

Morton Gould.

DQ: Are you a fictional character?

IQ: Are you a sex-o-matic venus freak?

Yes, I am a fictional character

No, I am not Macy Gray

Are you a famed civil rights pioneer?

Are you a Canadian musician who broke up your self-titled band to head out solo?

Did you win the Heisman Trophy?

Did you create a famous cartoon family?

Are you the second to play a beloved wizard?

Is your sauce also good for the gander?


Not Marcus Garvey

Not Mike Garrett

No, and I don’t know who you are. Ask a DQ

Not Michael “Dumbledore” Gambon

Not Matt “The Simpsons” Groening

Not… Mother Goose? (If that’s not it, ask a DQ)

Was your birthday, currently a national holiday in your home country, recently declared the International Day of Non-Violence?

Did you (and, when he was alive, your partner) have a program airing either on television or radio at least once every week during the last fourty-five years of your life?

Matthew Good

DQ: Are you male?