Botticelli, January 2012

Since the last thread petered out, I figured what the hell - a new year, a new game!

The letter is O.

IQ: Were you a Moorish general in the Venetian army?
IQ: Were you a hall-of-famer and sports announcer?
IQ: Were you the first and only defenceman to score nine hat tricks?

DQ1: Were you the first Heisman Trophy winner to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
DQ2: Did you play the prison guard who checked Jake Blues out of prison?

DQ3: Were you misnamed after Ruth’s sister-in-law in the Bible?

No, I’m not Othello or Merlin Olsen. Dunno about the third - take a DQ.

Those are IQs (indirect questions) and not DQs (direct questions, which have to be earned).

Dunno about the first two - as to the last, no, I’m not Onan.

I had just about weaned myself from [del]wasting[/del] spending too much time online, and now, here’s one of my worst addictions staring me in the face…

IQ: Are you the leader of a (once) fictional soul band created for the film ‘Animal House’?

No, I’m not Otis Day of the Knights.

Good to have you back aboard, Le Ministre!

Sorry I confused DQ and IQ

  1. The first Heisman Trophy winner inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson.

  2. Puppeteer/director Frank Oz was the guard who gave Jake Blues back his belongings (inclusing one used condom) as he was released from prison.

  3. In the Bible. Orpah was the sister-in-law of Ruth. Oprah Winfrey was misnamed after her.

DQ1: Real person?

DQ2: Male?

DQ3: Born in 20th century?


  1. Real person
  2. Female
  3. Not born in 20th century

IQ1: Did you personally make Larry Brown a Super Bowl MVP?
IQ2: Did a member of your band die in a plane crash, while trying to pull a practical joke on you?
IQ3: Did you design Jackie Kennedy’s wardrobe for all White House functions?

Dunno about the first two. And no, I’m not Oleg Cassini.

IQ: Did you tell the Sphinx what creature walks on four legs at dawn, two at noon and three at twilight?

IQ: Did you once beat Ralph Sampson’s UVA team with a last-second shot to end the nation’s longest then-current major college win streak?

IQ: Were you featured in the trashy biography “The Hellraisers”, along with Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, and Richard Harris?

IQ1: Should the mighty look on your works and despair?

IQ2: Were you an outstanding Canadian jazz pianist?

IQ3: Are you a Canadian writer born in Sri Lanka, whose first novel was a fictionalized biography of jazz trumpeter Buddy Bolden?

It is good to be back on board, O unstumpable one!

Oleg Cassini is correct.

the others?

  1. Quarterback Neil O’Donnell of the STeelers threw several interceptions right to Larry Brown of the Cowboys, making Brown the Super Bowl MVP.

  2. Guitarist Randy Rhoads thought it would be hilarious to take a small airplane and “buzz” the tour bus where Ozzy Osbourne was sleeping off a bender. The plane crashed and Rhoads was killed (an early “Darwin Award” winner).
    DQ: Were you European?

DQ2: Were you born after 1700?

No, I’m not Oedipus or… Omar Sharif? Dunno about the second one.

No, I’m not Ozymandias. Dunno about the other two. Another two DQs. And I am FAR from unstumpable, but thanks!


  1. Real person
  2. Female
  3. Not born in 20th century
  4. Not European
  5. Born after 1700

IQ1: Did you host an MTV game show that featured future comedy star Adam Sandler as the Trivial Delinquent and the Stud Boy?
IQ2: Did you hit more career home runs in one ballpark than any other major leaguer?
IQ3: Are you a popular Seventies recording artist and variety show host whose real first name is Olive?

Oliver Reed is the other hellraising actor. Orlando Woolridge lifted Notre Dame over Virginia with his last-second shot. Right on Oedipus.

DQ: Born after 1800?

Dunno about the first two; is the third Cher?


  1. Real person
  2. Female
  3. Not born in 20th century
  4. Not European
  5. Born after 1700
  6. American
  7. Born after 1800
  1. Ken Ober hosted Remote Control, which co-starred future Saturday Night Live comics Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn.

  2. Mel Ott hit 323 homers at the Polo Grounds. No other major leaguer hit as many homers at any other ballpark.

  3. Marie Osmond’s full name is Olive Marie Osmond.

DQ1: Does your last name start with O"?

DQ2: Are you a writer, poet or playwright?

DQ3: Were you still alive in the 20th century?

IQ: Are you and Horace Stoneham famous in sports history for doing essentially the same thing?

IQ: Were you Mrs. Frank Butler?

IQ: Were you a child star who later became a law enforcement officer in California?

Dunno about the first and third. As to the second, no, I’m not Annie Oakley.


  1. Real person
  2. Female
  3. Not born in 20th century
  4. Not European
  5. Born after 1700
  6. American
  7. Born after 1800
  8. Last name started with O
  9. Not a writer, poet or playwright, as those terms are usually defined
  10. Still alive in the 20th century