Botticelli, Round 16

I expect it’ll be OK to have two threads going…

I’m AL.

Did you replace the only life-long bachelor to hold your job?

(A word of caution: Round 10 was also an “AL,” so you might see some similar guesses here).

Are you an English bassist now playing for Biomechanical?

Were you buried in a “landslide” in 1936?

Were you once lead singer of The Tourists?

:confused: - so have a question!

Thanks for the comment - I missed round 10!

I am not Adrian Lambert.

I’m thinking this is an election reference, but I don’t think Abraham Lincoln was in the 1936 one. :eek:

:confused: - so have a question!

You were on the right track. Alf Landon, who was trounced by FDR.

Were you alive in the 20th century?

No, I am not the truly stunning singer that is Annie Lennox.

  • I was not alive in the 20th century

Abe Licoln replaced James Buchannan. Buchannan was the 15th President, a bachelor, and was widely rumored to be smitten with a US senator who’s name escapes me at the moment.

Are you a man (or were you a man?)

Are you a former vaudvillean who went on to become a movie star?

Do you believe that kids say the darnedest things?

  • I was not alive in the 20th century
  • I am female

I’ll try Ann Little (but I’m not confident!)

Err - I am not Art Linkletter?

Did you inspire Chuck Dodgson?

Are you the Father of Modern Chemistry?

Is “Forever Changes” your greatest legacy?