Botticelli -- Round 2

Well, looks like I won the last game so I get to start this one. I’m about to go back on the clock, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a few hours.

How to play Botticelli

I’m AT.

Are you a fictional character?

You need to stump me with an Indirect Question before I can answer a Direct Question. :wink:

Did you play Constable Jones in Mary Poppins?

Are you a Cambridge genius who went out like Snow White?

Do you sell fish and chips?

Were you in a band with Simon LeBon?

Are you a 19th-century novelist?

Do you believe it is better to have loved and lost and that (shudder) their’s is not to reason why, their’s is but to do and die?

I’ve logged off the VPN, and I’m off the clock! And now the game…

No, I’m not Arthur Treacher.

No, I’m not Alan Turing.

No, I’m still not Arthur Treacher! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I’m not Andy Taylor.

No, I’m not Arthur Train.

No, I’m not Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Did you write a book about your mother’s experiences as a Chinese immigrant to the US?

No, and I don’t know who you mean.

Are you Arthur Treacher?
I bet you’re Arthur Treacher… :stuck_out_tongue:
In all seriousness:
Have you ever been sent back to the 5th dimesion by reading the words Kebert Xela?

No, I’m not Alex Trebek.

Are you the Canadian who hosted a game show called “First Impressions?”

No, I’m not Alan Thicke.
EDIT: Oh, yeah. delphica gets a DQ when she gets back.

So you are not Amy Tan.

DQ: Are you an American?

:smack: I knew that!

No, I’m not American.

AT is…
[ul][*]Not American[/ul]

Do you play catch with Eli?

No, I’m not Amani Toomer.