Botticelli -- Round 3

Since Boticelli, Part II appears to be in a wait sytate at the moment, and since it has reached its seventh page of posts, now may be a good time to start a fresh thread.

Wanna play Botticelli? was started Tuesday morning with one variation to the rules explained in the Wikipedia article Botticelli (game) – which you should read if the game is unfamiliar to you. Our variation was to use TWO initials instead of the ONE mentioned in the article.

In this iteration of the Wikipedia rules, we’ll try to follow these variations until they cause us problems we can’t solve:

  1. Please label your Guess as either IQ (Indirect Question) or DQ (Direct Question) so that the Chooser (the Doper who has selected the name all others are trying to guess) can know the type of answer to be given to that guess.

  2. The Chooser has these options for answers, depending on whether the Question is Indirect or Direct:

2-I1): If the Chooser knows someone for whom the Guesser’s initials apply – whether or not those initials might apply to the Chooser’s chosen Identity – the Chooser may answer: “No, I am not <the other person for whom the initials work>” and that particular Guesser remains in Indirect Mode.

2-I2): If the Chooser cannot identify someone – (including the Chooser’s chosen Identity) – with the attributes provided by the Guesser, the Chooser may answer “No, and I don’t know who you mean.” which allows that particular Guesser ONE Direct Question. The Guesser should quote the Chooser’s response and label the Direct Question as such, so the Chooser will know the options available for the follow-up question.

2-I3): If the Guesser’s criteria match with the Chooser’s Identity – AND the Chooser is unable to name someone else with those same initials who also matches the criteria – The Chooser must answer “Yes, I am <Identity’s name>” thereby giving that Guesser a win of the game.

2-D): Legitimate answers are “Yes,” “No,” and “I don’t know.” Additional details are permissible but not required. Chooser gives extra information at his/her own risk. The “I don’t know” response allows that Guesser an additional DQ. Again, the Guesser should quote Chooser’s response and label the follow-up as DQ.

  1. Whether in response to an IQ or a DQ (in both types of Guesses this will be legal for the Guesser) if the Guess is “Are you <some specific person with the initials in question>?” (as opposed to someone with defined characteristics) the Chooser’s answers must be either “Yes” or “No” and, if “Yes” then the Guesser wins the game.

  2. The Chosen Identity – in this particular thread – must be an actual person, dead or alive, but someone who has actually lived.

  3. The Indirect Question(s) may refer to real or fictional people, characters or personages in fictional works, but must be Proper Names. Example: if the Chooser’s Identity’s initials are RS, then “rolling stone” or “red snake” or “rotting spinach” would not be legal entities to which Guesser’s attributes apply.

  4. Both Guesser and Chooser should quote the post to which he or she is responding. This should avoid much confusion!


For other fine points not covered in the Wikipedia article, Zeldar will arbitrate any disputed issues in this thread. Those Dopers who wish to select other variations and/or other interpretations of the rules, are urged to start another thread.


First Round: My initials are TL

Did you open a tobacco shop in 1765?

I have no idea who this could be

IQ: Are you a British soldier with an Arabian connection?

No, I’m not TE Lawrence (of Arabia)

Have you ever been marooned?

Not that I noticed! :smiley:

You get a DQ

Tina Louise played Ginger on Gilligan’s Island.

DQ: Are you alive?

Did you ever coach the Dallas Cowboys?


TL is:


No, I’m not Tom Landry

Were you a baseball coach?

Were you an adult film star?

No, I’m not Tommy Lasorda

No, I’m not Tracy Lords

Did you poison pigeons?

You devil! No, I’m not Tom Lehrer.

Are you a former Cardinals outfielder?

No, and I can’t name your man

You get a DQ

Are you a fast mover who takes a definite turn to the left?

Tito Landrum

DQ: Are you male?