Botticelli -- Round 7

The rules. For a clarification, indirect questions do not need to conform to information that has been acquired through direct questions.

I’m R.M.

I wasn’t entirely clear on this point–are we allowed to use fictional characters?

Are you known for writing for The Twilight Zone?

Thought of a non-fictional one!

Are you an English comedian known for co-writing The Young Ones?

Are you a contraversial wide receiver in the NFL?

No, I am not Richard Matheson.

No, I am not Rik Mayall.

No, I am not Randy Moss.

I don’t know. Since the person in question is real, let’s say no.

Are you a WWII Army veteran who is buried in a Masonic cemetery in Missouri?

No - and I don’t know who is.

Ronald Malloy.

DQ: Are you an actor?

Edit: By ‘actor’ I mean either male or female.

No, I am not.

Have you acted in movies or television as a Japanese person?

Did you sing in the first person about being a hobo?

No, I am not Ryoji Morimoto.

No, I am not Roger Miller.

Have you worked to maintain New Jersey’s family health care plan?

Have you written a Nebula award-winning short story, as well as a Harper Prize Novel?

(also, an acceptable answer for “Japanese actor” would also have been the answer to this question):

Do you love “Corinthian leather”?

No, I am not Richard Merkt.