Botticelli - Sept. 2021

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Updated: Botticelli - the letters we've used so far - #85 by Elendil_s_Heir

Our next letter is



  1. Were you originally called The Hairy One?
  2. Did you release a different version of “Take Five”, called “Soulful Strut”?
  3. Were you Percy’s best friend?

Not Grover on Sesame Street, not Grover Washington Jr., and not Grover.

Yes, yes, Grover Underwood


  1. Real?

I correctly guessed the “G” name you had in mind. I don’t think you get a DQ, do you?

Since Grover Underwood is almost always called just “Grover”, I agree with EH.


  1. Were you Foulfellow’s associate in Pinocchio?
  2. Did you originally play the lead in The Unsinkable Molly Brown?
  3. Did Lord Farquaad remove your legs and mock you with them?

Just looked once again at EH’s helpful list. We’re doin’ a great job of not letting anything go fallow. Only “I” hasn’t been used since June.

  1. Does your theme song urge you to watch out for that tree?
  2. Were you one of John Dickson Carr’s detectives?
  3. Did Chester Tate guess he was you after waking up from brain surgery on Soap?

Dunno, not Ethel Gmerman or Doris Gday, and not Gingerbread Man.

Not George of the Jungle, not G. Lestrade and dunno.

Correct, Dr. Gideon Fell, Gunga Din (or Gloria Swanson; he wasn’t quite sure what to make of his head bandage).


  1. Real?
  2. Female?


  1. Did you marry Jared Padalecki?
  2. Did Sterling K. Brown play you on Supernatural?
  3. Did Leslie Odom, Jr. play you on Supernatural?

IQ1: Do you hate Mondays and love lasagna?
IQ2: Did you play Peter Parker in yet another incarnation of Spider-man?
IQ3: Are you the only sitting US congressman to be elected President of the USA?

#1 was Gideon.
#2 was Tammy Grimes.
Correct on Gingie.

2 DQs reserved.


  1. Are you the title character(s) in an Ed Wood film?
  2. Did you write I, Claudius?
  3. Did you write the Kinsey Milhone Alphabet Mystery Series?

Carr wrote some Sherlock Holmes pastiches that almost certainly featured Lestrade, kitap, but I’m not certain that the Scotland Yard detective appeared.

Dunno, not Gideon, and also not Gideon.

Not Garfield the cat, not Andrew Garfield, and not James A. Garfield.

Not Glenn (or Glenda), not Graves and I should know this but I forget.


  1. real
  2. female

Swept me.

IQ1: Did you lay waste to New York City after being summoned by Vinz and Zuul?
IQ2: Did you lay waste to London attempting to find your child?
IQ3: Did Din Djarin attempt to return you to your people?

Genevieve Cortese, Gordon Walker, Guy.

I wouldn’t consider Lestrade to be one of Carr’s detectives, but rather Conan Doyle’s.


  1. Still alive?
  2. American?
  3. Known for the Arts?

Correct, Correct, and Sue Grafton.

3 DQs reserved.

Sue Grafton, of course! :man_facepalming:

Not Gozer the Gozerian, not Godzilla and dunno.


  1. real
  2. female
  3. alive
  4. American
  5. known for the Arts


  1. Last name starts with G?
  2. Known for the performing arts?
  3. Born after 1979?


  1. Were you arguably Rita Hayworth’s best known role?
  2. Were you assassinated by your bodyguards in 1984?
  3. Are you the title character of a Laura Branigan song?