Botticelli - Aug. 2021

Last month’s thread: Botticelli - July 2021

Updated: Botticelli - the letters we've used so far - #83 by Elendil_s_Heir

And our new letter is


Good one, EH!


  1. Were you fabulous and furry and did you own a cat?
  2. Did you keep Paul in custody at Caesarea?
  3. Did you send Paul to Rome to stand judgment?


  1. Could your most famous movie basically be broken down into one week of a good life?
  2. Are you an old man who lives with your nephew, the “dummy”?
  3. Did your son play a role in the Scooby Doo movies?

IQ1: Were you often directed to pluck your magic twanger?
IQ2: I say, I say, were some of your speech mannerisms patterned on the fictional Senator Claghorn radio character?
IQ3: Are you a superhero parody popularized by Howard Stern?

I was not Fat Freddy Phreak, not Felonius Maximus and not that other unpleasant Roman, either.

Not Fellini, not Redd Foxx and not Freddie Prinz.

Dunno, not Foghorn “That boy’s about as sharp as a pound of wet liver” Leghorn and not Fartman.

Correct on Fat Freddy. The others were Felix and Festus.


  1. Real?
  2. Male?


  1. real
  2. male


  1. Did you play Corky Sherwood Forrest?
  2. Were you the subject of a song (later covered by Reba McEntire) by Bobbie Gentry?
  3. Were you probably Joe Regalbuto’s most famous role?

Correct on all of mine (although I was thinking Fred Sanford, not Redd Fox. Same difference)


  1. Were you a mononymed Austrian musician, most famous in the 80’s?
  2. Are you the singer in a band that had a hit in 1979, which came back into play in the past 16 months?
  3. Are you a model famous for getting a bird to the face?

Froggie the Gremlin, Yes, Yes

DQ: Alive?

IQ1: Would you rather sniff flowers than challenge matadors?
IQ2: There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright?
IQ3: Did your assassination trigger the first World War?


  1. Were you a French Rococo painter whose work was parodied in the movie Frozen?
  2. Were you the founder of German Idealism?
  3. Were you a puppet on Soupy Sales’s kid show?

Not Faith Ford, not Billie Joe McCafferty Fsomething, and not Frank Fontana.

Not Falco, dunno and not Fabio.

Not Ferdinand the Bull, not Fernando from the ABBA song, and not Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Dunno x3.


  1. real
  2. male
  3. alive

Yeah, I erred in saying DQ. Oops.
Yes, Doug Fieger (The Knack, My Sharona), Yes

My actual DQ:
Born after 1970?


  1. Have you played everything from a royal to a widower with a stange nanny to a lovestruck author poorly learning Portuguese?
  2. Are you one of the few people to have a Corvette named in your honor?
  3. In character, did you say: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

#1 was Jean Fragonard.
#2 was Johann Fichte.
#3 was White Fang.


  1. American?
  2. Known from the Arts?

1 DQ reserved.

Not Colin Firth, not Frank Gorshin and not Al Franken.


  1. real
  2. male
  3. alive
  4. born before 1970
  5. not American
  6. not known from the Arts

Yes, Emerson Fittipaldi, Yes

DQ: Known from politics or military?


  1. real
  2. male
  3. alive
  4. born before 1970
  5. not American
  6. not known from the Arts
  7. not known from politics or the military

DQ: Known for business?