Botticelli - July 2021

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Our first letter for July is


Have at you!

  1. Were you Felicia Day’s character on Supernatural?
  2. Were you the daughter of Jimmy Novak on Supernatural?
  3. Did you play John Winchester in the 1970s on Supernatural?


  1. Did you play Sherlock Holmes opposite Dudley Moore’s Watson?
  2. Did you play Sherlock Holmes opposite Martin Freeman’s Watson?
  3. Did you play Sherlock Holmes opposite Andre Moreil’s Watson?

Dunno x3.

Not Michael Caine, not Benedict Cumberpatch, and dunno.

#1 was Peter Cook. (Bad movie)
#2 is correct.
#3 was Peter Cushing. (Christopher Lee played Baskerville. Forgettable movie)


  1. Real?
  2. Male?

Come to think of it, Michael Caine played Sherlock Holmes opposite Ben Kingsley’s Watson, IIRC.


  1. fictional
  2. male

IQ1: According to Culture Club, do you come and go?
IQ2: Did you play various characters reciting various manifestos?
IQ3: Did you found a chain of electronic stores where the prices were insane?

Not Karma Chameleon, John “excluding those concerned with drainage, medicine, roads, housing, education, viniculture and any other Romans contributing to the welfare of Jews of both sexes and hermaphrodites” Cleese or Crazy Eddie.

Corr corr corr corr correct on 1; 2 was Cate Blanchett; correct on 3.

DQ: first name begins with C?

What were the Cate Blanchett characters? I was thinking of John Cleese in Life of Brian and the other Python movies.

I’m gonna guess that was her tour de force in Manifesto.


404-Not Found

Here’s the Wiki: Manifesto (2015 film) - Wikipedia

And here’s a working Rotten Tomatoes link: Manifesto (2015) - Rotten Tomatoes

IQ1: Did Ricky Lee Jones announce you were in love?
IQ2: Did you take the title of your breakthrough single from a wall scrawl accusing you of smelling like a deodorant brand?
IQ3: Did you pen the hidden track on Guns N’ Roses’ all-covers album The Spaghetti Incident?

Charlie Bradbury, Claire Novak, Matt Cohen.


  1. From prose?
  2. American?
  3. From a genre?


  1. Did you have a hit with Minnie the Moocher?
  2. Did a green person in a red coat give you a glass of water and put you to bed?
  3. Did you have a rivalry with Bing Crosby as to whom was “King of the Crooners”?

Thanks for the info on Manifesto. Looks like an interesting flick.

Not Chuckie, dunno and dunno.

Not Cab Calloway, not little Cindi Lou Who and dunno.


  1. fictional
  2. male
  3. last name, as he’s nicknamed (and the only name by which he’s known), begins with C
  4. not from prose
  5. not American
  6. not from a genre

1. Did you star in a film and its later remake about how to efficiently hold meetings?
2. Brady : Bryan :: Drummond : you?
3. Does your name sound like the phrase “shrimp days” en español?