Botticelli - April 2021

Happy Easter!

I am

March Thread: Botticelli -- Mar 2021 - #332 by SCAdian

Did you drown yourself in a Shakespeare play?
Were you known as the Iron Chancellor?
Were you an 8th century king who built a dyke on the Welsh border?

IQ1: Did your boyfriend tell you to get [yourself] to a nunnery?
IQ2: Were you a lucky rabbit created by a famous animator?
IQ3: Could you have loved New York had you not loved Balti-more?

Welcome, Ana!

  1. I am not Ophelia.
  2. I am not Otto Bismarck.
  3. Take a DQ.
  1. I am not Ophelia.
  2. I am not Oswald.
  3. Take a DQ.

Yes, Yes, Ogden Nash

DQ: Real?


  1. Real

DQ: First name starts with O?


  1. Real
  2. Last name starts with O


  1. Were you the eldest of the three siblings in the book Red Moon and Black Mountain?
  2. Are you a fictional character who once hacked the New York Times to create a headline that said “Reagan Calls Women ‘America’s L’il Dumplins’”?
  3. Did you play Lt. Martin Castillo on the TV show Miami Vice?
  1. Take a DQ.
  2. I am not Opus.
  3. I am not Edward James Olmos.

1. Did your cow (allegedly) cause a hot time in the old town tonight?
2. Was your film The Other Side of the Wind unfinished for many years?
3. Do you currently host a cooking show on Netflix aimed at kids?

  1. I am not Mrs. O’Leary.
  2. Take a DQ.
  3. I am not Michelle Obama.

Oliver, Oliver Wendell Jones, correct.

Known for the Arts?
2. American?

2 was Orson Welles.

DQ: living?

1. Did you write the conceptual art book Grapefruit?
2. Were you a rival of Edward Drinker Cope?
3. In your classic depiction, do you have a bowl haircut and wear a green jumpsuit with goggles (aside from your other notable attributes)?


  1. Real
  2. Last name starts with O
  3. Not known from the Arts
  4. Not from the U.S.A.
  5. Living

De La Rue, take 3 DQs.

1 was Yoko Ono; 2 was Othniel Charles Marsh (the 19th century paleontologist); 3 is Otto “Dr. Octopus” Octavius.

1. male?
2. born after 1970?
3. European?


  1. Real
  2. Last name starts with O
  3. Not known from the Arts
  4. Not from the U.S.A.
  5. Living
  6. Male
  7. Born before 1970
  8. Not European


  1. Were you a singer once married to Paulina Porizkova?
  2. Are you an actor who parodied your US Marshal character on The Good Place?
  3. Were you the actor spouse of Dame Joan Plowright?

1. A director, do you have a cameo in The Blues Brothers as a corrections officer?
2. Did you go by a name derived from your first two initials, given the unflattering word your last seven spelled out?
3. Did you note

“Linguistics becomes an ever eerier area, like I feel like I’m in [redacted]
Just trying to tell it like it was”?


Were you a Civil War general who got a college named after him?
Were you AKA Tharkun?
Are you the top Transformers good guy?