Botticelli - Oct. 2020

And our next letter is



  1. Do you have a high place in Colorado named after you?
  2. Are you a boy bander with a famous model partner?
  3. Were you a female writer in the Harlem Renaissance?
  1. Did you rule the fictional country of Ix?
  2. Were you an angel played by Kurt Fuller on Supernatural?
  3. Were you a Mossad agent turned US Federal agent on a TV show?


1. Were you king of Albania?
2. Did you play a dairyman?
3. Is there no Dana, only you?

Good choice with Norma! I was just reading about her last month.


  1. Were you Nero Wolfe’s archenemy (in the Rex Stout novels)?
  2. Have you played a communications officer, an intergalactic assassin and a pirate?
  3. Did you voice the Spellbinder on The Electric Company?

Not Zebulon Pike, not Zach Whatshisname, and not Zora Neal Hurston.

Not Zelda, not Zazrael, and not Zohan.

Not Zog, Zero Mostel or the alluringly dangerous Zuul.

Not Zany Zeb, not Zoe Kravitz and dunno.

Yes, Zayn Malik, yes


  1. Male?

A clean sweep!

1. Were you a high school admirer of Marge Bouvier?
2. Were you the Cool Ghoul?
3. Are you an Egyptian archaeologist?

Not Artie Zipp, dunno, and dunno.


  1. male

#1 was Arnold Zeck (in three novels).
#2 is Zoe Saldana (Lt. Uhura in the recent Star Trek movies, Gamora in the Guardian of the Galaxy movies, and Annamarie in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl).
#3 was Zero Mostel, but someone else already used him.


  1. Real?
  2. Last name starts with Z?


  1. Did you play the lead in Mrs. Wiggs and the Cabbage Patch?
  2. Did you invent Esperanto?
  3. Have you been called “the Father of Television”?


  1. Were you a Devil who has now gone Wild?
  2. Are you a slightly nutty actress, best known from the 80’s?
  3. Did you direct Back to the Future?

1 was Artie Ziff (close enough?); 2 was Zacherley; 3 was Zahi Hawass. 2 (maybe 3) DQs reserved.

1. Is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode named in reference to you?
2. Were you an unsuccessful US presidential assassin?
3. Did you write White Teeth?

Not Stephanie Zimbalist, dunno and dunno.

Dunno, not Grace Zabriskie, and not Robert Zemeckis.

Zipp isn’t Ziff, so go ahead and take a DQ for that one.

Dunno the Buffy person, not Zagara, and dunno.


  1. male
  2. real
  3. last name starts with Z

Zach Parise (hockey player), Pia Zadora, yes


  1. Alive?
  2. American?
  1. Does your guitar want to kill my mama?
  2. Did you play guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly?
  3. Do you suffer from the very sexy learning disability sexlexia?

Queen Zixi of Ix, Zachariah and Ziva David on NCIS


  1. Associated with the Arts?
  2. How about sports?
  3. Or possibly science?

#1 was Zasu Pitts.
#2 was Ludwig Zamenhov.
#3 was Vladimir Zworykin.

3 DQs reserved.

Welcome ChockFull!

1 was Zeppo Marx (the episode is “The Zeppo”); close enough for Giuseppe Zangara; 3 (author of White Teeth) was Zadie Smith.

5 DQs reserved.