Botticelli September 2011

New game, and the letter is “B”

IQ: Was Celine Dion’s ‘The Power of Love’ number one on the day of your birth, causing you to remark in your autobiography “Not a bad way to start your life”…

Somebody young enough to have been born then actually had the gall to write an autobiography???

I give up. Take a DQ.

Justin Bieber is sixteen, and, yes, that’s in his autobiography. I remember watching some very funny footage of Gordon Pinsent reading excerpts from the book from an episode of ‘This Hour has 22 Minutes’, if you’re in the mood for looking things up on YouTube. That’s where I remember that quotation from; it was on my FaceBook for a while…


DQ: Are you a real life person?


  1. I am a real person

IQ: Are you known for your tribute to the greatest song in the world?

IQ: Are you a baseball player who has the same name as a comedienne (or vice versa)?

We did a “B” not that long ago, didn’t we? Oh, well. Once more unto the breach…

IQ: If not Roderick or Brian, did the crowd demand your release?

Was the movie Young Man with a Horn based on your life?

Not Brett Butler

Not Bawabbas… I mean, Barabbas!

Oh no, not jazz musicians! Um, no I’m not Bunny Berrigan?

(If that’s wrong, take a DQ.)

No idea who this is- ask a DQ.

IQ: Did your then-girlfriend play your doomed wife in a movie?

Bix Beiderbecke.

DQ: Does your last name begin with B?

IQ: Were you a mascot for Capitol Records, created by the same man who signed The Beatles?

IQ: Are you the Milkman of Human Kindness; will you leave an extra pint?

I’m sure I’ll remember this when you tell me, but until then… take a DQ.


  1. I’m a real person (though millions of people probably THINK I’m a made-up character)
  2. My last name starts with “B”

Not Bozo the Clown.