Bottled BBQ sauce

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Admit it: You don’t always make your own sauce. So what bottled/jarred BBQ sauces do you like?

I like Stubb’s, there’s some Sweet Baby Ray’s in the cupboard, and I’ll even eat KC Masterpiece or Hunt’s. (I’ve also made this recipe, but this is a thread about pre-made sauces. :wink: )

Cookies makes good stuff, several different kinds. Maybe not boutique cork sniffer fare but good enough. Excellent salsa too, for a commercial product.

Hate Stubb’s. We always have Bulls-Eye and Sweet Baby Ray’s in the pantry. On occasion I’ll pick up a bottle of Chris’ & Pitt’s*. Then there is the squeeze bottle in the fridge door, which is a mixture of Bulls-Eye, SBR Sweet & Spicy, Yellowbird Habanero, and some Lea & Perrins.

    • It’s a SoCal thing.

Wow. I haven’t had Chris & Pitts in… well, I can’t remember how long.

I thought that would bring back some memories! :wink:

You can get it on Amazon, or from the restaurants direct.

I like Sweet Baby Ray’s, I’ve never tried Stubbs.

Do you remember Love’s Wood Pit Barbecue?

Very fond memories of the one in Baldwin Park, right off the 10. Every time I see a Love’s Truck Stop I flash back to that place.

Me too. For a long time, I was getting my hopes up.

God yes. I was a busboy for over a year, at the Mission Valley location before moving to the newly built one in El Cajon. This was 1968, when the surrounding real estate south of Fletcher Parkway was yet to be developed. No Parkway Plaza.

Bottled: I’ve been a devotee of Sweet Baby Ray’s since the 90’s. And having left San Diego 13 years ago, I too had completely forgotten about Chris & Pitts.

I just started using a bottled BBQ sauce called “Rib Rack” which has been a hit among my family. It does seem to go well with pork.

Sal’s Sassy Sauce is good.

Mission Valley is the one we went to when I was a kid.

Recently bought a bottle of King’s Hawaiian Light Roasted Kona Coffee. It quickly became my favorite.

Our go-to is Salt Lick Original, and I like Louie Mueller’s Mustard Sauce for a change of pace. Don’t know how far outside of Central Texas those are available though.

They were handing out samples of chicken with Heinz Hawaii Sweet And Smoky bbq sauce at the grocery the other day. I liked it enough to buy a bottle.

Whatever’s cheapest, seriously. They all taste pretty much the same.

Bingo! Store brand. Then I add a little garlic, hot sauce and brown sugar.

I’ll admit this: I’ve never made my own sauce.

There’s a lot of truth to this.

I always check ingredient lists to see what percentage is pure crap. I just finished a bottle of Jardine’s 5-Star, which was pretty clean and tasted great, after doctoring with additional vinegar, Worcestershire, and hot things.

I’ve always thought of Jardine’s as being a good quality provider. For Texans.

I’m faithful to Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic. Mustard-y and delicious. In fact, I’m cooking up a batch of crockpot chicken in it right now.