Bought a house, got pregnant and, just yesterday... LAID OFF

Yes, that’s right, I got laid off, two and a half weeks after I told my director that I am pregnant.


Who’s going to hire a pregnant lady?


You don’t actually have to tell the people your pregnant when you apply, AFAIK.

However, I suppose if you’re 8 months along, it may be hard to hide.

Are you at least getting some sort of compensation from your previous employer?

They have offered me the standard two weeks pay and (weak fanfare) a WEEK’s pay. If I sign a release.

I called back and asked for one to three months pay.

Let’s see what they say.

I know I am under no obligation to tell any employer that I am preggers, because it’s so early, but it seems so unfair, take a job and then in two months, “By the way, I am going to leave in January for a year .”

They didn’t lay you off because you were pregnant, did they?


I once read an IV with a senior executive (male) who said that he would rather hire a woman who was likely to go off in six months and start a family than a man who wasn’t, if she was the right person for the job. He said the right employee could do more for a company in six months than the wrong employee could in years.

Lots of jobs offer short term (3-6 month) contracts now anyway, which could be idea for your. The downside is you wouldn’t get maternity pay.

Do you think you got laid off because you’re pregnant?
I may be wrong but, isn’t there some law protecting you from being discriminated against because you’re pregnant. I was under the impression that they couldn’t fire you just because of the pregnancy, they have to have another reason not just the fact that you’re going to have a baby.

The reason they gave was a corporate re-structuring. I find it a little suspicious though, as I think I was the only one being “re-structured”.

I would contact and Employment Lawyer, just for a quick consult - it sounds like you’re being screwed over, IMHO.

Even if you just get a better severence package, it will be worth your trouble.

The law you may be thinking about is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. You might contact your local branch of NOW to find out about what steps you can take, including filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or with a state equivalent.

Good luck,


My brother-in-law waited for years to buy a house, because he had this horrible nagging fear that something terrible would happen and he wouldn’t be able to pay for it. So at the ripe old age of 40, he finally had a house custom-built. And it was built out in the middle of nowhere, because it was closer to his job than living in the city.

And the week after he closed on it, he got laid off. And he broke up with his girlfriend, who was sharing the mortgage with him. The very thing he was SO FREAKED OUT ABOUT for years actually happened, and then some. He couldn’t believe it. But you know, he made it through. I think he’s making more money now anyway, and he loves his house.

Things work out. I know that’s small comfort, but they do.

2 weeks after you told them you were pregnant? Yeah, I’d look into EEO etc - seems like suspicious timing - maybe they didn’t want to pay Maternity Leave? :mad: Jerks!

I agree with the others who recommend you check with a lawyer. More importantly, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this right now. These are tough times economically, and all of your other life events all got magnified. Please take care.

sounds very suspicious. as i recall you are in canada? i know they have laws against pregnancy lay offs. check with a lawyer first before signing anything. companies that are restructuring don’t lay off only one person. your firm maybe betting on your being “polite;” take a tip from the people “down below” get a lawyer and sue.

something simlar happend to me/wife. Very Big Shit Corp gave me walkin’ papers after a mortgage was taken out. Then wife got pregnant, (she still worked for em).

it all came out okay. we milked her insurance for every last dime, then she quit, and I found the killer laid back/ well overpaid job i have now! :smiley:

(screw that company, and their shit products!)

The bastards! :mad:

Hey! Congrats on the pregnancy!


And talk to an attorney.

Definitely see an attorney about this if you have serious reason to think you were the only one laid off.

As for the house thing…I’ve been there. Check out this time-line:

June 11, 2000: my wife and I find the house of our dreams and make an offer.
June 15, 2000: I get laid off.
Some time later: Our offer gets accepted. We talk to a financing person about the possibility of no-income loans in order to be able to afford the 10% deposit. Fortunately, the seller’s lawyer is not on the ball and we have several weeks without needing to sign a contract yet.
Early July, 2000: The seller’s lawyer forward a contract to our lawyer and expresses impatience.
July 15, 2000: I get a job offer and immediately accept.
July 18, 2000: I start my new job, arrange for the loan on based on my new employment.
December 1, 2000: My company shuts down, we have not yet closed on the house.
January 2001: Still looking for job; seller’s lawyer begins to press for closing date.
Mid-January, 2001: I get my boss from the defunct company to pretend my company still exists and that I still work there in order to fool the mortgage company.
January 22, 2001: We close on the house.
January 25, 2001: Accept offer of new Job.
February 1, 2001: Start new job before first mortgage payment due.

Moral of the story? Never give up hope that things will turn out just fine.

Good Lord, that bites. However, I’m in the same camp urging you to see a lawyer.

Back when I worked at another company, there was a woman there who became pregnant, and not only did this ridiculous company fire her, they fired her while she was on maternity leave over the damn phone!

Gave her some kind of song-and-dance about “not needed anymore…downsizing…crapola…winged fairies…etc…” This lady went immediately to EEOC and an attorney, and sued the living doo-doo out of them.

Not only did she win a huge settlement (out of court, but it was a whopper, regardless) but they were forced to give her her job back as well. She did come back, and quit after about two days. From what I was told, she didn’t need the job after that settlement. Heh.

I am very sorry this happened to you, but hey…sometimes what looks like the worst possible thing turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Go for the jugular.

Definitely get a lawyer.

It’s very common practice for companies to “lay off” employees who either become pregnant or develop serious health problems, up to and including cancer, in order to avoid paying the health care bennies. Especially here in Nevada, where employment is “at will”, which means that companies don’t have to have a valid reason for firing an employee.

Considering the timing, I’d say you have a definite case.

Wow, us too!

We buy our house in August 1999 and hubby gets “laid off” in October 1999, the same month our first son is born!

Yeah, it sucks, but it all worked out for us and I know it will fir you too.

And call that lawyer, right now.