Bought the property!

As I had posted in a previous thread, some friends and I are going to build an eco-friendly home in the high desert north of Los Angeles. Some asked for a blog about our progress, and that is in the works. Actually, as a filmmaker I plan to make a video documentary of the process.

Anyway, the property I described in that thread was unsuitable for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that most high desert realtors are essentially sociopathic d-bags, so we had to find something else. Well, after a long search, we bought this property.

It is 12 minutes by road from downtown Lancaster with supermarket, Wal Mart, Home Despot, Red Slobber, etc. It is 5 minutes by road from the latest KB one square mile of crackerboxes development. Electricity and phone are on the property. Water is supposedly at the paved road, but I notice the neighbor to the west has a pump house and tank. There is a plentiful aquifer, so plentiful that they can use the water (pumped by trucked in diesel) to fatten cows in feedlots around the area. If you have Google Earth you can see all that. Very interesting, but I digress. For those with Google Earth, here are the co-ordinates of the property-



Those are roughly in the middle of the plot.
So what sayeth the Dope? Did I do good? Did I get our venture off to a solid start? What dangers are next? Thanks as always. I luv this board! :cool:

Hey neighbor! I’m off on the westside from you - 90th west, to be slightly more precise.

Next dangers: Lancaster culture. But I think you’ll be fine. I’ll be curious for updates!

Speaking as a city boy… why on earth would anyone choose to live in such a bleak empty, presumably inhospitable, area?

I was born here; I stay here because it is cheap for me to live here while I finish college. I have a love/hate relationship with the place. Me, I find the city inhospitable. :wink:

Anyways, the air is clean, the visibility is unlimited most of the time, and it’s cheap as hell. A lot of people live here and commute to LA - I’m one of 60k who do so daily.

Didn’t come for the culture, came for the cheap land and privacy! And the ability to have a horse or a goat or some chickens and still be within an hour or so of LA.

We’ll be making a blog and filming for a documentary, so no shortage of info will be forthcoming.

Now that I think of it, and although I must share it, this OP is neither mundane nor pointless and contains a perhaps too general a question, but a question nonetheless. Hopefully a kind mod can come by and move this thread to the proper forum! Thanks.

Well, first of all, out your window is the grandest show on earth. Desert sunsets, storms, the million stars at night… And LA an hour away with everything it offers. Hmm.

Plus, we are being evicted from our affordable Burbank place so the landlord can build an assload of condos and further clog the street along Alameda. Burbank is done. The writing is on the wall. It is going to be just like Westwood in a few years, gridlock, nowhere to park, tempers rising. No thanks.

Between the wind and the sun we can be energy independent. (no bills).

Under Proposition 13, we will never pay much in property tax.

We want a place of our own, ownership and room to breathe, and now we (hopefully) have one!

Need anything else?

Oh and, do you know anybody that will dig my foundation and do some grading on the property? I know there is a guy over by Hesperia that has a bunch of grading equipment and works cheap, but maybe you know someone?

Anyway, let’s have a beer sometime!

Fair enough. Those are good pros. Energy independent especially sounds good.

I don’t know anyone right off hand, but I can ask around tomorrow. My FiL knows everyone. Like my grandfather, he could find a friend on Mars.

And I am nearly always down with beer!

Congratulations. good luck with your plans!

Congratulations, Happy Wanderer. Everybody needs a piece of dirt they can call their own or a place that allows them to escape the rigors of city life and just go chill.

Curious, Queen Bruin, as I’m not familiar with the area… what about Lancaster culture gives you pause?

Are you sure? Since you are a new owner, the tax is recalculated for you and your tax will take a serious jump up compared to the previous owner. At least that’s what the Jarvis-Gann bill did when it was enacted in the 1970’s. Has that changed?

At least you’re living up to your screen name.

Way cool! I’m astounded you can get acreage that cheap that close to LA.
How many of you are buying this property? How are you holding title? (As a lawyer, I’m always sensitive to this kind of thing.)
How many people intend to live there full-time?
Sounds like a really neat project.
Oh - one last thing. On the ebay listing, I note they don’t specify shipping charges. Be careful, shipping can KILL you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait … water makes cows fat ??!

No wonder my diet isn’t working !!!

I was going to dash off a flippant “the lack of it!” this morning but I decided I’d wait until this evening and give a more thoughtful reply.

This part of Los Angeles county is the last refuge of the knee-jerk reactionary xenophobe. They are only getting more outspoken and shrill as the demographics around here change – some residents tried to block the relocation of our Vallarta Supermercado by citing zoning issues, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it was mostly due to pure bigotry. (The Vallarta was in fact relocated, and it’s now the grocery closest to me, which is great because it’s the way supermarkets should be, dammit, but I digress). Racism is indeed an issue here, but as far as the “skinhead” contingent mentioned in Happy’s other thread is concerned, well they’re much more talk than walk. All mouth. It can make things unpleasant, for sure but I can tell you that the judges in our Courthouse don’t like that shit.

Other issues include the support of what I call “feel-good” legislation, which our local representatives like to push and which usually end up backfiring on them. But this is mostly a political gripe of mine that’s best left for other climes. Suffice it to say that this area can be hostile to anyone slightly left of Jesse Helms.

All of this is not to say that it’s all a drag, and not worth living here. Although I’ll probably relocate due to practical concerns in the next year or two, I do like it here. The desert teems with a beauty of its own, and if you’re somewhere rural it’s not too hard to carve your own lovely world out of the tumbleweeds.

And, once in a great while, the springtime can yield this.

My Wife and I are in a passive solar home. The design of the home makes a BIG difference.

I’ve found this book to provide some good information (though my book is at least 5 years old).

Good luck. It can be done. It’s easiser from scratch (home design wise).

No, the tax actually will go down. The existing property taxes are higher, indicating we bought the land for somewhat less than the previous owner, reflecting the general downturn and they will not increase beyond what I paid for the raw land until I sell it, no matter how much it is improved. Works out to 1.5% of $17,100 = $256 per year. In fact, the existing property taxes are higher, indicating we bought the land for somewhat less than the previous owner, reflecting the general downturn.

As far as my screen name, I will still be happy and still wander! First order of business after a well and power hook up is a trailer to use while building. Afterwards, it will be available for wandering!

Um, water is used to grow alfalfa and whatever else to make hay. I realized after I posted that I was in Step 1: Water, Step 2: ???, Step 3: fat cows/profit, mode there. :smack:

Thanks for letting me sneak in a clarification. :slight_smile:

And sorry for the crappy editing in the post before last. Maybe a mod can make it less redundant. Sleepytime!

And I want to reply in more depth to to this post but don’t have time. I will try to take this up later. Included in our happy band is a central american by heritage but citizen since birth, and one of my girlfriends is Persian, so I hope we can keep out of trouble. I am planning to arm myself for the first time in my life. I never felt the need for a gun in the city, but out there all alone… So, having never fired a gun, I must now take lessons… :frowning: