*bounce!* *happy!* where is everyone?

Okay, none of my usual people are around and I’m so happy!

My littlest sister, Becca was very nervous about her audition for the school play this week. They’re doing Oliver. She got cast as Nancy! The main female role. She has the voice for it and the bright outrageous demeanor.

I’m so excited! I love that part and hearing the kid sing makes me really happy. I can’t wait to see her perform. (Knowing my luck its the weekend before finals…but I don’t think even that will stop me.)

This is too cool.
Just had to share, you can return to your regularly scheduled MPSIMSing now.

If she has your height and hair and demeanor and . . . if she’s a smaller version of you she should be built about perfect for the part.

gets out of MC’s way so she can bounce some more

Hey, congratulations to Becca! That’s so cool!

Right on Becca! That’s awsome. Is it her first role or has she done some, or a lot, of acting before?

Either way, it will be exciting to say the least. :slight_smile:

Yay Becca! I love acting, and just got involved with it this year. Congratulate her for all of us!

Uhmmmmmmmm…assuming, that is, that she doesn’t mind being congratulated by a bunch of random people on a message board.

That’s terrific, Kathryn! Wish her luck for me. I’m sure she’ll do great. I’m sure she’ll appreciate the axe-murderer support. :wink:

A little something that I feel compelled to say…

If I’ve seen Medea’s Child happy (and I think I have, at least a little bit), let me tell you this is a wonderful thing to behold. She has a pure, unbridled joy about her. Like children jumping into a pile of leaves. Like a puppy when his master returns after being gone just a little too long. Like all the goodness of the world suddenly personified for a single moment. She’s not one of these girls who has to act happy and sickenly Nutrasweet all the time, but rather it’s bubbly, sweet, and natural, and very, very rare and special.

Thus endeth the Kathryn tribute.

'punha, she’s ten, so she hasn’t my height yet, and she’s a redhead. She is, however, brighter and sweeter than I am in charactor. Very high energy. She also doesn’t have a normal ‘kid’ voice, her voice is very big and powerful. She is good for the part.

silent_rob, she’s been Lucy in a production of “Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” most recently. She’s done a bunch of other stuff…like I said she’s ten, so its been little parts in community stuff and bigger parts in school stuff.

Jester, I’ll tell her, she may get a bit wierded out…but I’ll send her a link…she’s enough of an actress seeing her name will brighten her day, even from board people.

blush mrblue92… I’m speachless, and honored. Thank you.

Congrats to your sis, Medea’s Child! That’s great!

When is the show? Is it here in town? Maybe you could score me some tickets, or is it just for school? :smiley:

Its in Flint, it may not be the highest qualiy, but my family always finds them entertaining to say the least.

I’m sure we could find a way for any interested parties to show up.

Hey congrats. My school did Oliver last year. It’s a neat play. Hope it comes out well.

Yay Becca! :smiley:

Yay, Medea’s Child and Becca!

** and tell Becca I can’t wait for a ticket**

Just hope it’s not behind a lady with a Carmen Miranda hat like last time. :wink:

Congrats to Becca! :slight_smile:

And to your whole family–I know how proud of her you all are!

(Anything new and exciting in Anna’s life? Can’t brag on one sis without talking about the other.)

So…when will Becca be moving up to Shakespeare? Or how about “Kiss Me, Kate?”

Hey, when am I going to be able to hear Becca sing? Or Anna sing? Or KATHRYN sing?

And by the way, if you ever have exciting news, Kathryn, you know you can call me at work. I’ll always have a couple of minutes for my dear friend–and my favorite. And I love hearing about your family, as you know.

[sub]Just as long as you promise not to be “speachless”[/sub]

DRY, How many good children’s roles do you know of in Shakepeare?

Anna-ban is working on blowing up her science teacher because she hates the educational system she’s in.

Come to Flint for her show and you too can hear my littlest sister belt out how wonderful spousal abuse is. And she gets to die.

Cumber, Formerly, Welfy, hypergirl, and AudreyK thanks you guys…I’m seriously going to print this out and send it to her…she’ll love it.

Tell me when it is and you know I’ll be there.

Becca isn’t playing a children’s role now, is she?

Based on how you have described her, she’d make a very good Portia or Viola. (Her singing talent will be wasted, but Shakespeare won’t give her too many opportunities to show that.)

You’re right. She IS like you. But I’m sure there’s something else going on with her that you can point to with…uh…pride?

I’d love to see her. Seriously. But not to see her belt out the virtues of spousal abuse. Or to die. Also seriously.

And, since Becca is going to see this thread:

BECCA EVERETT, congratulations on landing the part of Nancy! Your sister constantly brags to me how talented, intelligent and passionate you are, and what a wonderful singing voice you have–now we can add your acting skills to your list of qualities!

[sub]Speaking of your big sister, can you put in a good word for me? You know, “This Dan guy in California sounds really cool, Kathryn–I think he’d be perfect for you!”

What’ll it take? Flowers? Candy? Psst…If she hooks up with me and brings you, I’ll take you to Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studios…[/sub]

I don’t know when it is…I don’t get such information…

Dan, how many children’s troupes do Shakespeare? Because she’s not going to be able to be Portia in an adult show. In a couple of years, she’ll get there. While musical theatre is her primary concern, I know that non musical stuff is up there too.

Anna is like me! We’re sort of having a little spat about what she should do with her hatred of her educational system. I say she should ensure all A’s, ace the ACT and skip high school. Or at least get bumped a few more grades. It really wouldn’t take her all that much work. She doesn’t want to because a friends of hers can’t do that. She places more of a prioriy on being in class with her friend than doing her life, her path. So she’s not just like me.

Stop trying to bribe the moral one of the three of us. It shows bad taste.

*Originally posted by Medea’s Child *

And even if you did, you’d forget it. You who has to have Le Sang tell you when your school lets out!

They’ll be doing Shakespeare sooner than you think. Though of the plays that are usually done before, say high school/college, I’m guessing that there aren’t too many good roles for ladies: Juliet, maybe Ophelia (the latter being a waste of her talent.)

Well, I’m with you, as I said on the phone. At least as far as her pushing herself (maybe not skipping years in high school).

She’s bright. She’ll get there. You did, and I’m hoping she really IS like you in that sense.

And hitting on YOU doesn’t?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously, congratulate Becca again for me.