Bourne Witch Supremacy Project

Could the camera have been a little more jerky? Was this done to confuse the audience into thinking the story was interesting? How did in the sweet blazes did this stinker get 80% at rotten tomatoes?

That’s what I wonder, anyway.

Gotta disagree with you in regards to it being a stinker, as I thought it was a well thought out action cum spy movie.

As far as the camera work though, I totally agree.

I can’t help but think of the term “artistic wankfest” in regards to the way over the top camera work.

Do NOT use the word “cum” in conjunction with Matt Damon and expect me to keep my mind on the actual topic of the thread!

In hindsight, maybe that was a poor choice of words.

I guess I also shouldn’t point out that I had the word “cum” as well as “wankfest” in the same post.

Agreed, except that I couldn’t see what the hell was going on for half the movie and, as a result, it sucked.

I saw it as an excellent movie - well up to the standards of the first but I agree about the camerawork (which was so shaky I had to duck out the cinema during the final chase to throw-up!).

In describing the movie to a friend, I estimated that there were five car chases; my husband assures me that there were no more than three.

Whenever I downshift, I feel like Matt Damon.

I got a headached during the movie but I always assumed it was from lack of sleep and a late night (I’d gotten three hours sleep the night before and this was its midnight premiere) but it may’ve been from the camera work which, while noticeable, never bothered me that much… I thought it added character to the film, actually.

I need to watch it again on a full night’s sleep to see if my reaction is the same.

And, for what it’s worth, I thought it was a letdown. Not a bad movie but not as good as I expected and not as interesting as the first.

I liked the movie apart from the terrible camera work. I had to look down during chase scenes or I would have actually thrown up. And it didn’t let up the whole movie! There were times that were not AS bad, but honestly!

However, Blair Witch did not make me sick from camera motion.