Bourque caves, squatters win! Woo hoo!

I just got back from a quick visit to the [url=“”]Overdale Squat, an abandoned building that was taken over as a shelter as part of a protest last week to raise awareness of the housing crisis in Montreal.

The action was really empowering. In just two days they managed to take an abandoned building, partially repair it, rig up a toilet, improve the interior and make it habitable. They enjoyed the support of the neighbours (the building was the only home in that block that wasn’t torn down ten years ago to put up condos that were never built) and local businesses donated food to them.

Quite by coincidence, diring the time I was there today, it was announced that the mayor had acceded to the squatters’ conditions for leaving the building:

  1. no charges laid;
  2. a new building will be made available to the squatters, for free, immediately, under self-administration.

Wow! I’ve never participated in an action before which got such swift results! I’m so chuffed! ¡Sí se puede!

happy dance

Sorry. Working link: .

Damn your misleading thread titles, matt, I thought Ray Bourque was succumbing to fan pressure to return to hockey.

And, are you sure it was coincidental timing? Perhaps Bourque just got frazzled by your frenetic presence and caved just so you’d go away? I mean, the future Prime Minister of Quebec is nobody to trifle with…


Bourque = Borgs,
then does
squatters = Voyager ?


… and I thought they were squatting in some caves