Bow chicka wow wow

Everyone has heard it.

Everyone knows what it means.

But where did it start? Has anyone actually heard it in the context it implies? I’ve only watched a few hundred hours of porn in my life so I don’t have that large a data pool to draw from so I thought I’d ask the group that would be sure to know.

I have no idea where it actually started, but Denis Leary popularized the phrase in his standup act.

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It derives from quasi-funk background music used in 1970’s porn films, which made heavy use of wah wah pedal-inflected guitars. Example.

That’s my *experience, too.

Mangetout actually nailed it in the earlier thread. “Shaft” was the tune that made it part of the collective memory. The conflation of the two seems to have been of relatively recent vintage.

And, I could be completely wrong, too.

*Well, except replace “several” with “practically all”

Excellent memory you have there. Sounds about like what I was expecting.

I hear it in 70s jazzy funk classic “Brick House.” They sing “Shake it down, shake it down now. Shake it down, shake it down now.” It sounds very much like chicka bow chicka wow wow, so maybe that’s the connection.

q: what did the farmer say when he walked in on his cow gettin’ it with a chicken?
a: brown chicken brown cow

Yeah, this - it’s a verbal imitation of a wah-wah pedal in a porno funk song.

Another vote for cheesy 70s era porn. The kind where the repairman comes to the office to fix something, and the secretary looks him over as he works, licks her lips, says something…he turns…she lets down her hair…and they hump like bunnies. Bow chicka wow wow.

Brown chicken
Brown cow

First time I heard it was on the sit-com “Reba.” But it was pronounced more like “bow, chicky, bow bow”, said in a high-pitched, nasal voice. (Reba is a show that I discovered only about two months ago in re-runs, and I think it’s realistic and frequently hilarious, especially Van and Barbara Jean. Barbara Jean used the phrase when talking about her problems with Reba’s ex, whom she married.)

I actually saw a porno once where Pat Benatar’s song “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” was playing over one sex scene. I shit you not. I’m assuming somebody got the shit sued out of them for that one.