Bow down before my l33t ice-cream-making skillz! :-)

Well, I decided to try something a little different.

I fired up my Vita-Mix mixer–the mixer that can chop wood!*–threw in some cream, sugar, frozen pineapple, a fresh orange, ice, and ginger, and put it on ‘purée’ for a minute or so.

This yielded a thick liquid that tasted absolutely amazing. I poured it into a Tupperware and bunged it into the freezer, stirring it occasionally to break up ice crystals.

If it freezes well, I will have made my first home-made ice cream: orange-pineapple-ginger flavour! (And if not, I will have made a really interesting smoothie…)

The experimentation will continue. I have mint extract and chocolate chips; I need to go to the store and get some wasabi. :slight_smile:

[sub]*Although I don’t actually do this. The taste would not be all that great.[/sub]

Hey, that’s interesting! I knew pineapple was a bugger for stopping jelly setting, and until this very minute I had assumed it would stop ice-cream setting too.

Sounds divine, by the way. I think I’d probably prefer it as a smoothie than an icecream actually - something about those flavours is telling me ‘Mmmm, drink’.

On the other hand, I could totally pass on the wasabi flavour. I’m fairly sure there’s a good reason ice-cream doesn’t come in flavours like horseradish, mustard, and the like.

I’d never contemplated that there’d be a market for ‘condimentcream’ … but who knows, maybe you’ll fill a (really weird) niche. :smiley:

Well, it sort of froze. Pineapple doesn’t freeze well? It’s pretty soft in the middle. Oh well. I’ll call it ‘soft-serve’.

You obviously haven’t seen the ice-cream flavours they have in Japan. Wasabi isn’t the half of it.

But I read a recipe for chili-pepper ice cream, and was intrigued by the combination of cold and spicy. Since orange-pineapple is one of my favourite flavours, it was a logical place to start.

(Now how can I make licorice flavour? Add fennel?)

Your easiest way to get a licorice flavour’d probably be to see if you could get some aniseed flavouring from a cake baking store. But if you want to stick to all natural, perhaps you could get some licorice root from a healthfood store or something?

I love making icecream, but I’m a traditional “6-egg custard and cream” stylie icecream maker. My icecream isn’t eaten so much as it’s spackled thickly all over your heart and aorta.

the enzymes in pineapple stop gelatin from gelling. It should have no problem in full fat ice cream but might be a bit of a problem in low fat ice-creams set with gums (which nobody really makes at home). For best results, you should let the ice-cream mix mature in the fridge overnight. I’m still not 100% sure what this exactly does but the difference is noticable. I’ve heard theories that it lets the butterfats in milk fully solidify or it has something to do with breaking down the lactic acid crystals but I havent looked closesly into it.

Around here, we used to have High’s Dairy Stores. They sold about 20 different flavors of ice cream, and pineapple was one of my favorites. I’ve occasionally been in a TCBY that had a pineapple frozen yogurt. Yummy.

And here I thought this would be about true, artery-clogging bad-for-you ice cream. Of the sort I made this Fourth of July past.

I used Alton Brown’s recipe for premium chocolate. Three cups of half-and-half! A cup of heavy cream! Eight, count 'em, EIGHT egg yolks! Lovingly cooked and blended with sugar and cocoa! Mixed to a fine smooth consistency in a tabletop ice cream maker!

Holy cow, it was the best I’ve ever made.

You’re… giving me ideas. :slight_smile:

The Vita-Mix recipes tend to be heavy on the fruits and stuff and light on actual cream.

BTW, myne had finally frozen fully this morning. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t hurt sherbet. Mmm. Pineapple sherbet.

We also have a recipe for orange-ginger ice cream: our “base” recipe is something like 1-part cream, 1±part milk, 1/3-part sugar, vanilla, pinch salt - to which we add 1-part fresh-squeezed OJ and a bunch of diced candied ginger. Our Donvier went belly-up, so we’ve been using a ziploc bag in the freezer, mixed/kneaded occasionally until the desired consistency is reached (or we get too hungry). Very good!!

Huh, I was just planning on making pineapple sorbet this weekend. Here’s the recipe:


Actually, one chunks up the pineapple and lets it sit in sugar in the fridge overnight, then blends it in the blender until smooth. Then you pour it into the ice cream machine and freeze it.

I made this one last weekend:

Mango and Key Lime Sorbet

Make a simple syrup by boiling together 1.5 cups each sugar and water. Chill this mixture in the fridge for several hours, and while you’re at it, chill two fat ripe mangoes, too. Then peel, seed and chunk up the mangoes and whirl them in the blender with the chilled syrup until they’re very smooth. Add the juice of four key limes. Freeze it in the ice cream maker until done. This is heavenly on hot sultry days when even ice cream sounds too heavy and rich.

During summer, I have sugar syrup constantly on hand. Heat 4 cups of sugar with 1 cup of water in the microwave until it’s fully dissolved and decant into a glass jar. Then, when you need to make sorbet, just mix the sugar syrup with the fruit base until the desired density is reached (an egg should float with a nickel sized patch in the air) and freeze. Super easy and delicious. I would sometimes have 4 or 5 sorbets going at once.


Well, we had the barbecure, and people really enjoyed the ice cream, especially the orange-pineapple-ginger. I even got a request for the recipe (and then had to arm-wave something up, since I’d kinda guessed things based on the recipe I found on the net). A new skill! I’m definitely doing this again. :slight_smile: