Help me develop "weird" ice cream recipes

Vanilla. Chocolate. Strawberry. Snore.

I want to make some snazzier ice cream recipes. Things that are tasty, but Baskin-Robbins could never sell. I’m open to suggestion, but I also welcome actual recipes.

Also, is there a good way to add a flavoring that is primarily liquid? It seems that such a concoction would be very icy and not very creamy.

Some ideas I’ve had:

Cherry (not vanilla with cherries, but actual cherry ice cream)
Soda (Coke or Dr. Pepper)

peanut butter banana.

Since you used Wasabi and Tomato I’ll toss in Sauerkraut.

It’s actually not bad. (there’s a Sauerkraut festival in Waynesville Ohio near the Renfair place.)

That sounds pretty good.

I’ve also contemplated jalapeno. And I know it can be done, as a local place has made it.

Ahh, also, how 'bout Pickle for the pregnant ladies? :smiley:

A local restaurant has bacon and egg flavour. I also remember one of the Iron Chefs mixing up a batch of broccoli ice cream.

I’m not sure I’d want to try either though.

Friends of mine have had good luck with Guinness Stout.

I recently had some lovely dark chocolate with coffee and cayenne pepper ice cream. Really nice.

I’ve had Tiramisu, Blueberry with Lavender, Honey and Banana, and Cocunut-Peanut Butter-Cayenne Pepper.

I’ve seen Guiness, but haven’t had the courage to try it.

Let us know what you end up making.

Roasted red pepper
Balsamic vinegar (perhaps a sorbet)
Barbecue sauce
Sweet basil
Vidalia onion
Garlic butter

Carrots seem like they would work well.


The Gilroy Garlic Festival, traditionally serves garlic ice cream, I believe. Of course, by the time you finish sampling there, any ice cream would probably taste that way.

Well the Gods of Sequential Threads ordained that you go for:

Eastern North Carolina style barbeque sauce

I’ll let someone else try first…

Good suggestions, all. I’m also thinking horseradish, and black licorice.

I have, and I wasn’t terribly impressed. The added water content made it more like Italian ice than ice cream.

Well, if you want to be a bit out there, how about:

merlot- or shiraz- flavoured ice cream?

scotch whisky ripple?

gin and lemon bitter?

No, I’m serious. While the chemistry side of frozen alcohol mixing and storage will present some challenges, the marketing angles are a huge plus for the premium end of the market.

Now, on the ethnic food front;

Bacon (could be Belfast Ham, Ayrshire Bacon, or Canadian Smoky Bacon);
Pemmican (real, North American Indian Pemmican, which is bison meat, mixed with berries, and dried);
Smoked Oyster.

Remember, you can vary the amount of sugar used in the ice cream base, using lemon juice to replace some of it; the ice cream itself needn’t be sweet, or you can go for more of a sorbet, using no milk products. You wanted different, right?

Chipotle Chocolate Chip. (when making the base custard add a couple of dried Chipotle and remove them before it thickens, then add very datk chocolate chips.)

Coffee Cardomom goes together well, try making real espresso and turning it into a syrup by adding sugar and adding it into the mixture as a swirl near the end of the icecream making process.

I wouldn’t suggest tomato ice cream, but tomato sorbet (sherbert) with chopped basil would be interesting as a between courses refreshment. Or maybe a bloody mary sorbet.

Pink pepper corns inside a chocolate icecream would be nice too.

Ooh–Coconut Curry!

I thought someone had done this? I seem to recall trying it once. Was pretty good.

As in a Thai curry? That might be really good. And probably the only way to make an acceptable fish ice cream.