Weird/Unusual Ice Cream flavors

Sweet Corn Flavored Ice Cream.

So.Damn.Good. :smiley: mmmmmm…

But, everyone I try to share the goodness with thinks I am insane. And that NO WAY would a vegetable-flavored ice cream would taste good. Good. More for me!

You Dopers have weird/unusual Ice Cream flavors to share that is commercially available?

DUH :smack: Title of Thread should read UNUSUAL ok? uhm sowwy about that.
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Here you go–this should get you started… :slight_smile:

The Japanese have some *weird * ice cream flavors…

Mahsti Malone’s Ice Cream in LA has some great flavors. Saffran ice cream is delicious. There’s also a vermicelli ice cream you can get that I’ve heard it good.

Violet (made from violet oil) smells and tastes like good soap.

Oh man, hahah. I am planning to sample what you guys share but …but but… Damn. The faces on the pics tell it all. Gimme something that won’t turn my tummy inside out. Then again, I am insane so I might just try Raw Horseflesh Ice Cream.

I’ve already tried Cheese Ice Cream they listed there. And that was good. Kinda like eating very cold cheesecake.

Keep it coming.

At a Chinese ice cream parlor in NYC’s Chinatown, I tried Ginger ice cream and Lychee Nut ice cream.

My SIL the corn freak makes vanilla ice cream with brown sugar and adds creamed corn. It’s not bad–sort of a cominbation of popcorn and vanilla milkshake.

When I was a little girl my Grandmother always had Teaberry flavor ice cream in her freezer. It tasted just like teaberry gum. I haven’t seen it in decades.

As I do in all such threads, I’ll mention Amy’s Ice Cream and their assortment of wonderful flavors, including Shiner Bock, Celis Raspberry, Guiness and Tuaca.

I think the cookie doughflavour is crazy enough for a day. I guess I’m fairly conservative in my ideas of ice cream.

Though I wouldn’t name violet as unusual.

An officemate who went to Texas, not sure if it was Austin or Houston, brought back a big container of Ginger Ice Cream for us (in Toronto, Canada). Sadly, he said it had partially melted during the trip and had to refreeze it. He said it wasn’t as good as it should be. :frowning:

If by ‘commercially available’ you include ‘has been served at a restaurant’ then try Egg and Smoked Bacon ice cream.

I’ve had chocolate garlic ice cream. It was surprisingly good. Not commercially available, though. I had it at a local garlic festival.

There’s a great little ice cream shop in Fairfax, CA that makes Lavender Honey Vanilla ice cream -aaararrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh, that’s good!

Cold Stone Creamery had ginger wasabi ice cream. I was not adventurous enough to spend $5 to try it…

I worked at Coldstone when that flavor came out. I liked it, truly. Not enough that I would save a pint when it was discontinued, but a small cup was good. First ice cream that made me cry while eating it!

I’ve had goat cheese, and this from a place that once, to my recollection, had fish chowder ice cream. I’m also partial to grapenut, which is traditional in New England, but probably a bit of a head-scratcher elsewhere.

Soylent green ice cream has a rather… non-descript flavor to it.

I came in to talk about just this…thing.

I tried some on a dare with my friends. I can’t even begin to describe the taste. It was like eating the rotting flesh from inside a dead rhinoceros, but worse. There will never be a worse atrocity against humanity than ginger wasabi ice cream

Black licorice flavored ice cream :eek: