Boy Aussies are getting used to violence.

Man’s Throat Slashed in Kings Cross Kebab Shop but really:

Customers ignore blood, queue up for food

with ghoulish photo as proof.

If it isn’t knives, it’s broken bottles. What the hell is going on in our big cities? People suck.

Is it true that Australia has a big outlaw biker problem?

Yes. There are dozens of gangs with thousands of members. Anyone in law enforcement will tell you that they are now the cornerstone of organized crime and drug dealing in Australia. The NSW Police Service has an intelligence unit that spends all its time tracking bikie activities.

Eh, what are you gonna do? People still gotta eat. I’d want to make sure my kebab didn’t have blood on it though.

We’ve come to expect crimes like this not only in the big cities, but also in smaller, less urban locations, due to the pervasiveness of our news media, yet how often should we be expecting to see this kind of behaviour, before we can say, “Yes, we’re fucked!”?

You’re kidding right? This kind of thing has been going on throughout all of human history. And it’s probably less prevalent now than at any other time. Yet as a race, we survive (and thrive). Go figure.

I agree. The victim had already been moved to the hospital and the culprit was long gone, so there wasn’t exactly anything productive they could do to help at that stage. Those police reps sound like they’d rather people stand around fretting uselessly than get on with their lives.

It is pretty gross that they’re ordering food from a place completely spattered with blood. It’s all over the display case and counter. Blech.

That does seem a bit of a safety hazard. Shouldn’t that be cleaned up before they’re serving food again?

Well, it is a kebab shop after all. I’ve known people who got food poisoning from kebab shops (one bad enough to be hospitalized) and after they recovered WENT BACK. They’re not particularly prized for their cleanliness.

I don’t get the handwringing in the article either. They said people were ordering food 30 minutes later - did the customers even know someone had been attacked in there? If I saw red stains all over the floor in a place I was ordering food, I’d think “ketchup” or “sauce”, not “human blood”. And if the place had closed, would it have led to a spontaneous candlelight vigil for the (still living) victim or something?

It seems like there would be some sanitary issues. How could they be allowed to open with that mess inside?

“Hold the special sauce, thanks!”

I think that, combined with the checkered blue police tape you see in the photo, would tip me off.

Regardless, it astounds me that this is not against some sort of health code.

Yeah, I passed by a pizza shop where a little girl had just managed to run through the glass door, slicing herself up pretty badly.

Anyway, rather than wait for an ambulance (though you could hear the sirens) they took off in a cab. At that point there really wasn’t anything anyone could do, so every new person coming into the pizza shop just lined up as usual while the staff roped off the mess.

(IIRC, the manager wanted to wait for someone to come and see the scene, I don’t remember if he was expecting it to be the cops, the store owner, or an insurance person).

Yeah, but the photo isn’t providing any information about the food handling at this point. For all we know, everything near the spattered area is about to be thrown out. No one appears to be serving or preparing food by the mess. It may just be taking longer to get the clean-up done because they may have rules about biohazardous waste and have to wait for a clean-up crew.

When I had an on-campus job while still in school, our training specifically included not cleaning up blood or other biohazardous waste (I worked in an area that had paper cutters and stuff where a do-it-yourself customer could potentially lose a digit.) We had to call someone from janitorial services and advise them it was a bio-badness issue.

ETA: note also, the article does raise questions about the shop staying open and the “Food Authority” will be investigating.

Why was the blood still there, 30 minutes after the attack? Was there a policeman there for a crime scene analysis or something?

I won’t be eating any kebabs in Oz, if the cleanliness standard is that low. :eek: That’s disgusting.

Wouldn’t the US police cordon off the area with police tape and not allow more customers?

Two possibilities:

  1. waiting for insurance rep to come and take pictures and
  2. possible regulations as in my post above. At my student job, had there been an accident with the guillotine paper cutter or the shredder of doom, we weren’t allowed to clean up blood. We would have had to call for a clean up crew and then they in turn would have to sort themselves out for a bio-mess clean-up. I wouldn’t have expected anyone to show up for a good half-hour to an hour.

I certainly hope so. I’m not a neat freak or germaphobe, but spattered blood is my limit. I can certainly see where the visible blood is, but have no idea how far it could have sprayed.