Boy, Did I Have A Headache

Hello, folks. Long time no see. Sorry for having disappeared, BUT I HAD A FUCKING STROKE.

Most of it is a complete fog, but I do distinctly remember standing in front of the mirror, naked as the day I was born, with shaving cream on my face (or at least half my face) and saying to SO, “Damn, I have the worst headache of my life.” From then on -zip. I woke up in the hospital 3 days later. Still a little shaky in spots, with some memory lapses and tremor, but doing well all things considered.

So, what did I miss?

Hmmm…I get those a couple times a week. I must be doing it wrong though, 'cos I never had one put me in the hospital. :wink:

Glad yer back. Now wipe that shaving cream off your face. You look ridiculous.


Wow, I seriously hope that you are feeling better now. There is something inherently scary about strokes. I guess it is just the lack of warning.

How long ago did that happen?

I can’t be certain exactly what you all missed, since I just got back to posting myself. Thankfully it was nothing as dramatic as having a stroke. webly did say he was gonna get me a lego Star Destroyer though, that’s something new.

I sincerely hope that you are feeling better, and that you don’t have any real long term issues from it. I think that is the part that scares me the most about those.

Well how many people can say that?!? Glad to hear you are okay!

WHOA! :eek:

Yikes! Don’t do that again, ok? And I’m glad you’re doing better now.

I saw your name and thought “Dang, plnnr hasn’t been here in a long time… wonder what he’s been up to.”

Dude, that’s some serious shit! Feeling alright now?

Oh yeah, you still owe me that dollar.

I wondered where you were!

DAMN! I’m glad you’re back but, DAMN!

You absolutely must take care of that hot body of yours.

Feeling much better, thanks (it isn’t hard to feel better than feeling like a elephant is make a tortilla out of your head).

It seems as if I have a blood clotting issue that runs in my mother’s family (mom had a stroke in 90, her mother died of one in 88, her aunt (grandmother’s sister) died of one in '68, her cousin (daughter of great aunt that died in '68) died of pulmonary embolism in 77, and second cousin (daughter of cousin that died in '77) had non-lethal pulmonary embolism about 4 years ago). You might say I was due. Luckily, the stroke was relatively minor - no damage that the dr. says won’t lessen over time except the gash I got in my head when I collapsed - it seems I had the stroke, immediately threw up (your body figures 'Hey, we’re having a stroke, we won’t need the stomach contents for awhile."), and fell into a towel rack. Nice little cut in the back of my head. When I woke up they had shaved my head so I told everyone that I went to the barber and asked for the Matt Lauer.

Everything works (oddly enough, the tremor in my hand is most pronounced right after orgasm - go figure. Now if could only figure out how to have the tremor when I masturbated I’d be in like Flynn), no speech impediment. Just at a loss for words occassionally and smells are REALLY REALLY pronounced (another weird result).

And just so everyone knows, being in a coma isn’t paraticularly restful. It wasn’t like being asleep at all from what I can recall. It was more like struggling through mountains of cotton. Nnot pleasant.

OUCH! Glad you’re back!

Sorry to hear that, dude. My Father-in-law had one, and oddly enough, it affected the “appropriatness” part of the brain. He just says goofy shit sometimes that has no place in the current conversation. Lucky him, too.

How long were you asleep? Glad there’s no long-term damage.