"Boy Meets Sheep"? I'D watch it!

Today’s edition of the IMDB Movie and TV News section has the following quote from Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition, criticizing the just announced Bravo reality series Boy Meets Boy, revolving arouind a single gay man and the 15 men courting him (some of whom are really straight “ringers” who’ll get an additional prize if they make it to the final spot). I’m a tad leery about that part of the concept, but I want to concentrate on the quote:

Andrea, darling, you just said the wrong words, because I WOULD watch Boy Meets Sheep, and so would you, the SDMB reader! Admit it! Doesn’t your head reel with what it’d be like?

Wouldn’t such a show be kind of (maybe even DAMN) cool/interesting?! :slight_smile: