Bravo does first gay reality show

It’s called Boy Meets Boy and I had to laugh at the quote from the Traditional Values Coalition.

Because, we all know, homosexuality always leads to bestiality. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I’m not into reality shows anyway, so I’ll probably give this one a miss. But if anyone else is interested

Well, duh. And then necrophilia, euthanasia, abortion, uppity coloreds, women at Augusta, remakes of Casablanca, and the Traditional Values Coalition. Hey this is fun!

Now come on, this is a real menace to society.

Will they have a token straight-guy like all the other reality shows have a token homo?

Apparently the show will have some closet straight guys, trying to win the prize.

What, you mean Queer as Folk isn’t a reality show?!?

Actually, Bravo has produced and/or aired at least two other “gay reality” shows, Gay Weddings (which IMDB doesn’t seem to list) and Fire Island. They are also producing Queer Eye for the Striaght Guy (warning: animation and music) which is some sort of makeover show where straight fashion victims get overhauled by gay stylistas.

That last is a fantastic idea. I would watch that. Shoot, I confess to pausing in the flipping when Jenny Jones does a “I used to be beat-down, and you kicked me to the curb, but now I’m fly and I don’t need nobody to help me handle my business, because YOU DON’T KNOW ME!” makeover special.