Boycott France and the 2005 Tour?

We learn this morning of troubles for six-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. It seems the French are preparing an announcement that Armstrong will be stripped of his 6th title due to negative results from a random check for contraband. Residues of three substances banned by the French have been found in tests; toothpaste, deodorant and soap.

This was on Neal Boortz radio this AM and posted as second main item on page.

Do you consider this a realistic action by France or a way to belittle Lance’s winning the Tour for the 6th time?

Uhh … neither. I consider it a joke someone made by someone named Neal Boortz at the expense of the French. A mildly funny joke at that.

Forgive me if I’m being whooshed here, but you do realize he was making a joke, right?

Y’know, Boortz often tells listeners not believe anything he says unless they check it out for themselves, and he usually adds that “I will lie to you just to amuse myself.”

Do the math.

I’m wondering where Americans keep their guns when bicycling?

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My take events so far:

Original joke against French by Boortz: Not really funny

Probability of spingears being whooshed: Pretty funny

Exchange between Gauder and Coldfire: Brilliant!

(Aside to Zakalwe: “Have you got an extra beer? This could be good.”)

Thanks for the hospitality. I’ll work on the crazy aspect.

Thanks for the hospitality. I’ll work on the crazy aspect. :rolleyes:

I’m sorry spingears but that really was pretty amusing.

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I’ve got five on Gaudere, I think Coldie is distracted by Heloise’s impending arrival. His heart just won’t be in it.

No worries, spingears, Gaudere was just joking. Like that radio guy. :slight_smile:

[sub]Kitten threads, my ass.[/sub]

Advocating beating 1 year olds is a pretty good start.


Bolding mine.

I’ve never heard of Mr. Boortz, so I would have been fooled by that announcement as well…if only temporarily. I suppose the lesson is to be more suspicious of “news” sites that spell ‘news’ n-u-z-e.