Boycott shampoo!

Demand the real poo.


My two year old does. No other bear will do.

MY GOD! I just realized why he has peepee and peepoo; he refuses to call that stuff Pooh! Now, that’s dedication to your friends!

Are you really sure you want the real stuff? Check this:

Yikes, UncleBeer! I read that classic column and now I’ve gotta get someone to reassure me that “animal by-products” don’t include ground-up spinal columns and the other good parts that apparently cause mad-cow disease. Rub that on your scalp and smoke it. ::shudder::

OTOH, my 3-year old is down with the shampoo boycott thing and is safe.

I once saw a website proclaiming that everyone should wash their hair with bar soap because shampoo commercials are degrading to women. Uh… right.

I’ve stopped washing my hair except when I have to redye it (every two or three weeks). That crap fades too quick when you wash it, it’s better to stay skanky :smiley: