Just say NO to stinky soap!

I don’t know who is responsible for buying the supplies for our restrooms, but I’d like to do said person(s) serious bodily harm. I can deal with the cheap tissue - it does the job. I can tolerate the cheesy paper towels, even to I need to use twice as many to dry my hands. I can even overlook the nasty automatic “air freshener” dispenser that fills the tiled room with the gaggable odors of baby powder or peach.

But when it comes to soap, I absolutely, positively, without reservation draw the line at that gawd-awful yellow, antiseptic, stinky nastiness that’s in the soap dispenser now. Apparently, no one bothered to take note that the last time that smelly abomination was used as a refill, it went immediately down the drain (I didn’t dump it, but I’d buy a drink for whoever did) and a couple of kind, generous souls brought in bottles of decent hand soap for all of us to use. Next time thru, the old lotion-style soap was back, and there was much rejoicing. Today, there’s a full bottle of that vile, odiferous slime from hell mucking up the dispenser.

Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing in a bottle of the good stuff.

Tonight, I shall build a voodoo doll of the soap-buyer. It shan’t be pretty. Oh, no, it shan’t…

What if it smells like cherry cough syrup? Baby powder would be an improvement. I would love to know whose bright idea it was that restrooms should smell like Robitussin.

The soap at my school is also rank and vile. I don’t want to contemplate all the hours I’ve spent in class, smelling my hands and tossing about the question of whether it would be better to skip the soap altogether … and then I curse the name of whoever put me in the position of making such a choice …

Wow! You must work somewhere really cool if they have air freshener in the bathrooms. Here all we have is “Eau de Poo”. And we can’t bring in aerosol cans, because of the kids down the hall. (Kids with addiction issues + aerosol cans = Very Bad Idea Accompanied By Mammajamma Lawsuit.)

We have nasty, chemical-smelling soap. It says it contains lotion, but I don’t think the lotion counteracts the toxic chemicals used to scent the soap. It’s some sort of industrial grade hospital soap, but it smells like burnt vomit. And since we work in a hospital, you have to wash your hands frequently. (I’d be scared to see how bad staph runs rampant in this place.)

I’ve gotten to the point where I bring my own soap.

I suddenly feel so glad that my school/work uses nice soap! (Of course, after seeing what the soap has done to the metal sink handles beneath it, I’m not too sure I really want to use said soap… :eek:).

Now, if we could get them to understand that using higher quality paper products means that we won’t have to use as much. I think this is the only University I’ve been in where the toilet paper hasn’t been stolen by poor/cheap students/whoever. It’s just that bad.

<< As a computer, I find your faith in technology amusing. >>

We have very nice liquid hand soap, good TP (Scott) and paper towels, and best of all the restrooms are cleaned twice a day, 9:30AM and 2:30PM. I guess I should count my blessings.

The soap at my school smells like green apples :). It’s yummy!

Oh wait, that sounded bad! I don’t actually eat it! It just smells good.

And I hear ya about the nasty soap. It smells terrible and it lingers!

It’s the lingering odor that really ticks me off. Even liberally applied hand lotion can’t kill the stink. Nasty, nasty stuff…

Our secretary said she was going to talk to the person who put the stinky soap in there. Dunno how much good it will do, but it couldn’t possibly be worse, could it?

When I was in high school, the bathrooms used powdered soap. It was wonderful! No smell, and it really scrubbed your hands clean.

What I want to know is what is up with urinal cakes? When I was in high school I was friends with a guy who’s family used a urinal cake as an air freshener in their van. It made me want to vomit. GAG!!

Dude, they need to oust stinky soap and the following scented (maybe not as stinky, but still stinky enough) products:

Ahem… soap, lotion, pot-pourri, incense (I know, I know: without its stink it wouldn’t exist), detergent, dryer sheets, make-up, perfume (see note on incense), hair spray, shampoo, most high school girls (who provide, I must admit, a haven for most of these products; yet somehow I think they’d be stinky no matter what) cremes, gels, old ladies (see note on high school girls), colognes, deoderants, cat litter, toilet paper, tissues, candles and smell-o-vision.

Admittedly, my sense o’ smell ain’t so grand (I can’t pick up the rather Pepe le Pew-ish redolents such as doggie poo, dead skunk [“It eez love, ma cherie!”], or B.O.–a slight nasal mutation I’d rather never lose), but I can pick up those freakily fragant funks and they give me headaches.

So, down with smells! And up with the downstroke!

Now we’re jammin’ on da’ one! :slight_smile:

I’m with you on perfume. It should be illegal.

I freaken sick and tired of perfumed toiletries. Can’t a major manufacturer just make a line of soaps and shampoos with ZERO fragence?

I’m a man who don’t want to reek of bloody flowers, herbs of blomming citrus fruits.

The “air freshener” dispensers in the ladies rooms freak me out, and apparently I’m not the only one. A friend of mine insists they have an electronic eye so that they can squirt at her just as she’s leaving the stall.

You mean the electronic ones, that seem to go “ffft” seemingly at random? Some of them do have a sensor, so that they squirt a few minutes after you walk past them, believe it or not!

I’m always afraid I’ll get caught under one of those stupid things right after they spray, and spend the day at work smelling just like the ladies room. GAH!

Things will be better today. I found a brand-new, full dispenser of liquid soap at home. My contribution to the women of this building. It won’t last long, but it’s a start.

And I agree about the concept of scented everything - just quit!

I wish I could find a cite for this, but I recall reading in Consumer Reports that many “unscented” products are actually quite carefully scented in order to cancel out the inherent fragrances of certain ingredients. For people with allergies, it could drive you nuts!