I Pit public restrooms

None of these issues is enough to warrant a Pit thread on their own, but combined? Over the course of many years? Gah!

By public restrooms, I include those owned by private businesses but are meant for the public. Those in restaurants count, for example.

-Where did all the hooks go? In nearly every stall in nearly every public restroom, there are two holes in the door. These were obviously made for hooks where one can hang one’s jacket or shopping bags. And in nearly every stall, there is no hook. This means laying one’s coat on a filthy, piss-drenched floor. Yuck.

-Tiny stalls. I hate having to be an acrobat just to wipe myself. Often my elbow will hit the wall, and my arm will ricochet and cause my poopy filled TP to touch my thigh, pants, or shirt. A pox on the engineers that have no consideration for the absent-minded/clumsy among us!

-Poorly designed TP dispensers. There are many different kinds, But I am specifically talking about the kind where there is a giant roll on top of another giant roll. The result of all of this TP available is that none is dispensed, except in a form that makes the stall look like a hamster cage.

-Sensors on faucets, hand driers, and paper towel dispensers. I sometimes have to look at myself in the mirror to ensure that I have not, in fact, turned into a vampire. I then have to perform the seven basic conductor moves to get any reaction at all.

-Sensors on toilets. Indistinguishable from random flushing.

-Empty paper towel dispensers. I fucking HATE having to dry my hands on toilet paper.

-Empty soap dispensers.

-Underpowered hand driers. Or hand driers that shut off after 0.187 seconds. Ensures that I will either wipe my hands on my pants or seek out toilet paper.

-Non-working faucets. Sometimes they dispense cold water, sometimes they dispense no water. They almost never dispense hot water.

-Stall doors that shut but do not latch. Arrrggghhh!

At least I have no issues with urinals. And I didn’t even mention pee on toilet seats.

I got into a discussion with my brother once about why most public restrooms now have blow-dryers instead of paper towels. He’s convinced it’s done to save money – not on paper, but on labor. Paper towels must be replenished regularly.

And the garbage can has to emptied regularly.

It’s pretty clear that most restrooms don’t get the attention they deserve.

What’s really disturbing is that the soap/water/paper towels problems often occur in the same restrooms that sport signs saying “Employees must wash hands before returning to work.”

Surprisingly, to me anyway, the absolutely most gut wrenchingly disgusting public bathroom I have used lately (or more accurately, turned around and walked right out of) was one of the bathrooms at the mall on the east side of Madison. Out of five or six toilets, only two were working, there had been overflow with standing water, wastebaskets were full, and the SMELL! I haven’t been able to go near that one since. Strangely, the newer bathrooms (with the motion sensors) at each end of the mall are immaculate.

These need to go in the “Things that fail miserably at doing what they were made to do” thread. The toilets at my school flush at two times: 1. As you’re sitting down, 2. Randomly.

Okay, here is one of the things I hate, and I encounter this on the Boston public T often.

Visiting a stall that is an absolute disaster.

I just have to take a piss or something and there is urine everywhere, dirty toilet paper on the floor, toilet left unflushed. My problem isn’t the mess, it’s looking the next guy in the eye as I’m walking out and he’s walking in. How do I communicate to him that I wasn’t the feral scum that caused the mess? I’m obviously the last person at the scene, but it wasn’t me, I swear!
But that’s just me.

I think the hooks were removed because you’d hang your purse on the hook, and thieves would come in and reach over the top of the door and grab the purse by its handles and run while you were . . . unavailable to give chase. I approve of those establishments which have replaced the hooks with fold-down shelves.

Fold-down shelves? What are those?

Shelves that fold down.

Toilet training a toddler with noise sensitivity issues is difficult when he is scared of the damned public restrooms.

I personally just LOVE it when they randomly flush, using a surplus jet engine to suck down the water while also gently misting my ass with my own fecal matter.

Interesting concept. And these are found… where?

I’ve never seen them.

It could be worse. You could be doing a rather nasty bit of business, and have the toilet flush so violently that your balls (assuming you are a he) get bathed - not just misted - every time you so much as move.

Then there’s the auto paper dispensers. While they’re usually better than the air dryers, I know of one bathroom in particular that will spit out about 4" of paper towel when you wave your hand in front of it. Then, you have to stare at your new shred of paper towel for about 10 secs before the dispenser resets so you can get another 4" sliver.

Repeat until you get engough paper towel shreds to do any good or until you’ve waiting long enough for evaporation to take care of it for you.

Attached to the wall.

Sometimes, you just need to be trite.

Now you understand their evil plan!

My seven year old still asks if a bathroom has “electric” toilets because they scared her so much with the random jet engine souund of flushing!

It’s because they were still folded up. Next time, try looking for the rectangular cutout with a (probably plastic) insert.

I heard that too. I’ve never come across the shelves, but I have seen a number of places where the hooks have been placed or obviously moved further down the door (and in some case, off to one side as well) making it harder to simply reach over and grab the purse.

I will look next time the opportunity arises. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, many public toilet stalls have neither coathooks nor shelves – which is annoying if you happen to be wearing a sport coat or suit coat. Leaving it on while you squat is not an attractive option for obvious reasons. You could fold it over the stall door, but it might pick up dust.

Unflushed toilets and urinals could be due to the fact that some of us have gotten used to autoflushers such as the ones we have at work, which is where I am most accustomed to using a public restroom. When we go into a restroom that does not have autoflushers we may tend to forget. Last night I went into a public restroom to use the urinal. As I walked away from it I expected it to flush, but upon realizing it didn’t flush on its own it dawned on me. No autoflush! Duh! :smack: Dutifully, I went back to flush it. I’m not excusing those who negligently saunter off without flushing and leave on display their recently ejected effluvia, but the fact that they could be getting accustomed to autoflushers and aren’t as courteous or as mindful of the toilet’s actions upon walking away could explain the reason for seeing one’s wastes in the toilet or urinal.