Boyfriend of woman found stuck to toilet gets 6 months probation

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You gotta love the internet – how else would I find out about things like this?

“Honest officer, it’s not my boyfriend’s fault that I’m stuck to the toilet seat. It’s mine.”



I hope more women take note of the dangers inherent to leaving the seat down.

I thought how in the hell do you come off charging this guy, when he first called to have somebody do something about the woman that wouldn’t leave the bathroom. I haven’t seen any mention that she’s retarded, so it’s her fault she adhered to the toilet. It’s called personal responsibility. In this country you’re not expected to have personal responsibility, but you’re supposed to be held accontable for everybody else’s conduct.

The guy is doing 6 months in jail for a previous crime right now.

He called somebody after a month, or by his estimation, two years. If your girlfriend won’t leave the bathroom, how long should it really take before alarm bells start going off - a few hours? A day? - before you call emergency personnel? Whether it’s two years or a month, this guy was negligent.

If she’s been judged dependent and is in the care of a legal guardian, and oh yes, was stuck on the toilet for a crazy amount of time, something is wrong. She may not be retarded and I don’t know what the problem is, but I don’t think it’s a big stretch to discern that she isn’t mentally healthy and that some problem contributed to what happened. People with that kind of trouble are generally not considered responsible for their actions.

Update: Beau of woman stuck on toilet wins lottery… Again.

The words individually make sense, but together… WTF :confused:

Both the unluckiest AND the luckiest man in Ness County.

This just became an Earl episode!

Honey - it was an Earl episode the minute she couldn’t remove herself from the toilet.

Now it’s a Must See sweeps moment!