Boy's name or Girl's name?


Female; male; male but fruity.

boy, boy, girl (although Bailey is my sister’s cat’s name, so I associate it with a large furball)

NotWithoutRage has got it ass-backwards. I’m with *twickster.

Girl (or dog)

Were you thinking of Audrey perchance, NWR? Aubrey is definitely a male name, e.g. Aubrey Beardsley.

NotWithoutRage has got it ass-backwards. I’m with twickster.

Girl (or dog)

Were you thinking of Audrey perchance, NWR? Aubrey is definitely a male name, e.g. Aubrey Beardsley.

This’ll probably be a stupid double post, too. :mad:

Last name/girl’s name
Bodice Ripper Hero’s name (boy’s name)
Last name/girl’s name

Please clarify. :slight_smile:

The spellings are correct. Carry on.

Girl, Boy, Boy, although I agree with **mlerose ** that 1 and 3 are also better as surnames. (At least, I think that was **mlerose’s ** point?)

  1. Either. More often a (literal) dog’s name, in my experience.
  2. Male.
  3. My niece’s name is Aubrey, so I vote female, although it is historically male.




Bailey can sometimes go either way, but I associate it more with girls. The only Aubreys that I’ve known have been male, so I think of it as a male name. The same goes for Tristan.

Bailey: Formerly a boy’s name, now a girl’s name thanks to WKRP.
Tristan: Ditto, but a girl’s name for a longer time.
Aubrey: The name of the boy that got beat up everyday in grade school.

Girl, boy, either.

I said: M/F, M, M

I have known a Tristan, male, and two Aubreys, both male.

Below is what has to say about them.

Gender: Male or Female
Meaning: Bailiff, Steward
Origin: English

Gender: Male
Meaning: Bold, melancholy.
Origin: Celtic/Gaelic

Gender: Male or Female
Meaning: Noble, Bright
Origin: German


Morgan - traditionally a male name, but every Morgan I have ever met has been female
Francis - traditionally a male name, few females use it (they generally use Frances)
Leslie - male name; female form is Lesley
Robin - most likely traditionally male, but can be used for either gender; Robyn is strictly female
Jordan - see Francis

Bailey - either
Tristan - either, but sounds stupid if it’s a girl’s name
Aubrey - should only be a girl’s name, sounds stupid as a boy’s

I think the first and third sound better as last names/surnames than they do as first names. If first names, I think they’re more commonly used as female names than male names these days.

I think Tristan sounds like the hero of a bodice ripper/torrid romance novel. He would look like Fabio and have rippling muscles and stuff.

Female–remember the song by “Bread”??

Are we allowed to post other names, a la ShibbOleth?

If so:


If not, please excuse the hijack.

Answer to the OP:

Bailey, Tristan, Aubrey: all boys’ names.

Morgan - one of the few names that I actually like equally on boys and girls
Francis - male (female form is Frances)
Leslie - I know it’s male but I think “female” when I see it (bad of me)
Robin - same as Leslie
Jordan - boy. I still can’t get used to girls being named Jordan.

I hate when boys’ names are commandeered for girls, because it’s awfully hard (read: impossible) for the boys to get them back. You can name your daughter Ryan and that’s just fine, but if you name your son Lindsay (yes, it used to be a male name) he’s going to get smacked around in middle school for having a girl’s name.