Bra Technology degree. (no, really)

Chinese University Offers Degree In Bra Studies.

I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is there a lot of homework?
  2. Does prior experience help at all?
  3. Are internships available?

A few clips from the article.
It offers a degree course with the title ‘Intimate Textiles and Accessories’. It is a course about lingerie. Part of the course includes visiting a factory and the bra surgery.*

Lingerie too. It just gets better.

They have tried air, but like tires it was prone to flats. Oil-filled pads were too expensive and heavy.

Flats? Like that’s a new thing?

There’s really nothing NSFW here, but to be safe I’ll 2 click it anyway.


Is the grading scale reversed?

I’ve only been familiar with 34 DDDs in the last 30 some odd years.

I actually just read the article.

Why not? Seems to me there’d be a lot of engineering involved in designing an effective bra.

Actually, it’s been an uplifting major for several years now.

Hopefully, the curriculum includes extensive hands-on experience.

I hope it’s graded on a curve.

What do I look like, some kind of bra surgeon?

In other words, not really.

Of course. Have a look at the famous paper Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Bra:

There’s always someone who wants to disbelieve!

Now, go keep abreast of the truth!

How will graduates support themselves?

Hopefully, they’ll have a feel for the market before they graduate.

Is there a requirement for boob-lean alge-bra?

Who knew a lifetime of drawing NAND gates would be useful?

I keep thinking of Midge in Vertigo.

Well, I was 14 years old. I was in my friend’s bathroom. His mother’s brassieres were hanging on the shower rod. I picked it up, studied it. I thought, I like this. I didn’t know what way or what level, but I knew: I wanted to be around brassieres.

Darn, I was hoping someone would make a comment about the TAs assisting in the class…

Especially if two teaching assistants are required. :slight_smile:

Actually in this specialty they’re just call T’s, not TA’s.

Intimate Textiles has just been signed to be the opening act on the Reverend Horton Heat tour.